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Whether we’re 4 hours away from home or only forty minutes, that feeling of missing home always comes creeping in at some point or another. College is a great place to meet new people, take advantage of new opportunities, and gain independence, but every once and a while, we need to feel the comfort of something familiar. Like many other people who are out living on their own for the first time, I experienced a great amount of homesickness in the first week of moving into college. However, I did find some remedies to help me through my bad days.


1. Drink Tea or Hot Chocolate

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to relax with a warm drink every once and a while. It’s important to have some downtime, especially while you’re still adjusting to such a big change. It’s a little difficult during the hot days, but I promise that drinking a nice cup of chamomile tea or hot cocoa will do the trick when you’re missing home.


2. FaceTime just enough, but not too much

Something I struggled with was finding a balance of when it was okay to call home and when I should suck it up and spend some time alone. It’s okay to reach out to home every once and a while–your family and friends are missing you just as much as you’re missing them! And the beauty of technology nowadays is that you don’t even have to miss out on seeing their faces. However, it’s important to take a break from calling home or else you’ll never have time to make new friends and adjust to college life. As difficult as it can be when you’re feeling homesick, sometimes you have to fight the urge to call home and open yourself up to what’s around you.


3. Take a walk

Walks are an essential part of my daily routine in college. I swear I never used to take them when I was living at home, but there is something so refreshing about getting out every once and a while. Whether your campus is in the city or in the middle of nowhere, it’s definitely worth getting out of your dorm to take in some fresh air. Even though it can be tempting to stay in and sulk, being outside helps clear your mind and focus on nature. You can even listen to some music as you walk–just make sure to be aware of your surroundings and focus on breathing.


4. Try out puzzles and coloring

While most kids my age took up new activities like joining the swim team or art club, I decided to take on the role of an old man and pursue jigsaw puzzles! All jokes aside, doing activities such as puzzles, word searches, and adult coloring (one of my personal favorites) is a great way to fight off homesickness.  It can be beneficial to work on an activity that has a definite start and finish, so it feels like it has a purpose, and you also have the satisfaction of accomplishing something when it’s done.


5. Leave the door open

I’m sure you’ve seen and heard this advice everywhere, but it’s the truth; I promise. People are willing to come in, say hi, and even compliment your room decor when you leave the door open. In addition to being a great way to make new friends, it also helps you feel less alone when you can hear the sound of other people’s voices. The important part is taking yourself out of the mindset of feeling alone.


6. Plan visits

Something that always helps pull me through a rough week is knowing that I get to see my friends and family at the end of those seven days. Sometimes it’s easier to look at things in increments instead of being overwhelmed at the thought of living at college until winter break. You can plan fun days with your friends and family and think to yourself that all you have to do is get through a few more days until you’ll see a familiar face.


7. Stay in and watch your fav TV shows and YouTube videos sometimes

While taking a walk can be extremely beneficial to the brain, sometimes it’s alright to stay in with your favorite TV shows and movies. When you’re following a similar routine and doing the same things you loved to do at home, it’s easier to take your mind off of missing home. The familiarity of a great TV show (I highly recommend Gossip Girl) and some popcorn can put your mind at ease.

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