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7 DIY Mother’s Day Gifts that Make Coupon Booklets a Thing of the Past

Remember the days where Mother’s Day gifts meant washable-paint handprints and macaroni-glue artwork? This year, save the macaroni for the kitchen, because these crafty gifts are meant to impress!

1. Custom Tea

DIY your own tea bags using your mom’s favorite loose leaf tea and pieces of cheesecloth. Customize the tags with special notes or messages to your mom!

2. Planted Succulents

Instead of buying flowers this year, get Mom a succulent plant that lasts longer and requires little maintenance.  Plant them in painted mason jar pots for instant gift-ability.

3. Painted Tumblers

Decorate a plain set of glass tumblers with this easy paint project. With bright colored paint, they’re perfect for spring parties, starting with Mother’s Day mimosas!

4. Pop-Up Card

Spice up any gift-cards or spa certificates with a DIY pop-up card. It looks impressive, but with step-by-step instructions, it’s actually pretty simple to do!

5. Flower Monogram Letters

Make mom a lovely wall decoration with this blooming monogram tutorial. Write out her initials, “mom” or a short word, like “love,” and fill the letters with colorful silk flowers.

6. Photo Magnets

These mini photo magnets are a great way to preserve old memories. Use a mix of personal photos and printed craft paper to create an adorable magnet collection.

7. Photo Coasters

Following a similar theme, these tile photo coasters turn your family memories into a fun personal gift for Mom. They also go great with the Painted Tumblers!



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