6 Things We Missed About TCNJ This Summer

It feels so great to be back at TCNJ! Although summer break was great, we couldn't help but miss some aspects of our school!

1. Our friends

Seeing your friends every day at college quickly becomes the norm, so spending an entire summer without them is just about the hardest thing ever.

2. Meal equiv

Even though you’ll be extremely tired of sushi, sandwiches, and chicken fingers by the end of the year, where else can you get free food from 11-1:30? (Hint: no where).

3. Always having something to do

Doing absolutely nothing (except tanning by the pool) and having no obligations was amazing for a few weeks…but you quickly missed always having something to do and someplace to go.

4. Big Larry and Eve

These two are basically TCNJ legends who never fail to make you smile when swiping into Eick.

5. Your dorm room/personal sanctuary

Nothing is cozier than the little space (no matter how small) that you designed entirely to your liking. Trust us--you will become attached to your dorm by the end of the year.

6. TCNJ’s balls (and the entire campus)

How could we forget these iconic campus landmarks? As soon as you see them in their glittery glory, you’ll know you missed it here. On a serious note-it truly is a beautiful campus and you know you’re more than happy to have returned to your second home.