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Linkedin is a great platform for people to use to help expand their network and climb the corporate ladder. Your Linkedin profile can get you noticed by possible employers or help you stand out against other candidates. No matter what you use it for, everyone can improve their Linkedin profile, and here are some easy ways to make it look more professional. 

  1. Connect!! 

Connecting with people on Linkedin seriously couldn’t be any easier. In fact, there is no harm in going on a connecting spree!! I am not saying to connect with random people, but it can be very beneficial to connect with people from your high school or college, as well as people studying the same things as you, or in the field, you would like to enter. Sometimes, it’s even appropriate to write a note to those you would like to connect with. This note can look like this:

Hey ________! I am just building my network on Linked in and I would love to connect.

You can connect with professors, bosses, co-workers, peers, people in your organization and so much more!!!

  1. Pitch Paragraph

Think of your “About” section as an elevator pitch. Write a short paragraph about yourself, what you are interested in, some skills you have, and even some qualities about your work ethic! This paragraph can look like this:

I’m a Sophmore at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), currently enrolled in the School of Arts and Communications interested in public relations, marketing, and social media. I am working towards my Leadership minor to expand my skill set and become an effective leader. At school, I am a College Ambassador, President of her Campus, Sister of Delta Zeta, and PR chair for the National Society of Leadership and Success. I am enthusiastic, hard-working, and eager to learn and build my network.

This can be a great way for employers to learn more about you and what you’re interested in!

  1. Update Update Update

Anytime something good happens in your professional life, update your profile and resume. Include the positions you hold, what skills you have acquired from them, and your work in that role. This would be in bullet points or paragraph form. I have linked my Linkedin profile for reference:


  1. Post, Comment, Like

Sometimes, it can be helpful to treat Linkedin as a social media platform like Instagram or Facebook. Of course, you would only be posting professional content like news of you starting an internship or receiving an award. Sharing your achievements can help you stay active on the platform and continue to get noticed. It is also a great idea to comment on other people’s posts congratulating them for their achievements. This is a great way to maintain the connections you worked so hard to build. 

  1. Special Skills

The final tip I have for now is to update your skill set. This can help get you noticed and can help employers see your proficiency in many areas. Linkedin actually has a section where you can take quizzes and watch videos to earn a certification badge in a certain skill! This can be a great way to spice up your Linkedin profile and help you be seen as a strong candidate!

Strengthening your Linkedin profile can be so easy and can help you stand out in so many ways. This amazing tool can take you so far in your professional career, I highly recommend checking it often and staying active on it!

Hi, I am a Junior Communications major at TCNJ who is interested in fashion, college lifestyle and beauty content! I am in the Delta Zeta sorority, I am the President of the Junior Class Council and serve as the Her Campus President for the TCNJ chapter!