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5 Food Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

The only accounts on Instagram that are better to follow than animals are food, and there are so many to choose from. You don’t need to be a chef to follow these- you just have to love food. Scrolling through your feed and seeing a beautiful ice cream cone or a juicy hamburger is always a nice surprise, and sometimes sparks a craving for the rest of the day. Here are the top five accounts you should follow that will make your mouth water.


1. New Fork City (@new_fork_city)

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This Instagram account is one of the best because it features all kinds of foods, it isn’t exclusive to just desserts or pasta. I love this Instagram because it focuses on all the wonderful foods that come out of the Big Apple, and for someone who visits a lot, this account assures me that there’s always some new food I need to try.


2. Feed Your Girlfriend (@feedyourgirlfriend)

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This is one of the funniest/cutest idea for an Instagram account and I wish I had thought of it. It’s basically a couple eating their way through New York and documenting it all. Not to mention, the feed is aesthetically pleasing, and there’s something for everyone on there. This account has so many date night ideas, you’ll never run out!


3. Dessert Bae (@dessertbae)

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If this account doesn’t make your mouth water just from scrolling, I don’t know what will. Dessert Bae finds all the craziest and most delicious desserts in New York, Los Angeles, and Florida and compiles them into one sweet feed. From ice cream to pastries, this account is sure to visually satisfy your sweet tooth.


4. Dining with Skyler (@diningwithskyler)

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This account is pretty much my dream job- going around New York and eating various foods and taking cute pictures with them. But until then, I can marvel at the mouthwatering foods she posts and mark her recommendations down on my list of places to try.


5. Goodful (@goodful)

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This account is for someone who is looking for healthy foods and how to make them. It is mostly videos of recipes and ends with the delicious looking final product. But, the account also extends to health and exercise tips so you can really make the most out of taking care of your body in every aspect.

Maddi is the current President and Campus Correspondent for HCTCNJ. She is a senior journalism student at The College of New Jersey who loves pugs, napping, and all things food.
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