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4 Ways To Style Converse

The best part about converse (aside from how comfortable they are) is that they help make an outfit look unique, casual, yet still put together. They might not be for everyone. But they can be styled in different ways, and sometimes there are moments when I think, “This outfit needs converse.”

  1. Jeans: You have probably seen the majority of girls already put on their converse like this. Yes, we know everyone on campus has the white converse. But these shoes can be rocked over skinny jeans, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, and even cropped jeans.
  2. Dresses: If you want to take this relationship to the next level, you would consider styling your converse with dresses. I spent all of my freshman year upset that I was not allowed to wear sandals in lab. “What else will I wear all my dresses with?” Pairing converse with your summer and fall dresses not only can help you meet certain school requirements but also gives you a more casual and stylish appearance. My professor who loves European fashion went out and bought black high tops because, “Everyone in Italy wears them over everything!” So feel free to throw on your converse over your skirts and dresses- especially since they can also be professor approved!
  3. Oversized coat/ cardigan: I saw the picture below on Pinterest, and when I was in ZARA I saw a jacket that was almost identical to it. While it is something I would not wear to college just for simplicity, it is definitely an outfit I have already worn outside. I threw on my boyfriend jeans and my white high tops. I was told that my outfit was “exotic” and “very fall chic.”
  4. Preppy If you think that these shoes can’t be worn with preppy outfits, then the picture below should change your mind! In fact, wearing converse with your preppy outfits could be more fall appropriate as opposed to your pair of flats since it gets chillier in October.
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