3 Movies I’d Love to See as a TV Series

Sometimes, spending an hour and a half with movie characters is enough time, but sometimes, it’s not. Sure, Legally Blonde is a great movie but imagine spending years with Elle Woods, solving cases while looking fabulous and exuding girl power. Here are 3 movies I’d love to see reimagined as a television series:


1. Legally Blonde:

The series would begin in the years we never saw, between Elle graduating law school and going to DC. Elle is engaged to Emmett, working at a law firm with Vivian. The series would be episodic, like Law and Order, but with the Elle Woods flare we all know and love. Series regulars would be Emmett, Vivian, Paulette, and Bruiser Woods, of course. But of course Elle Woods is not herself without the occasional visit from her outlandish sorority friends, Margot and Serena. Just envision all the good Elle Woods could accomplish in even one season of this show.

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2. Harry Potter:

Don’t even get me started. Even 8 movies with the incredible characters from J.K Rowling’s brilliant mind isn’t enough. I think all Harry Potter fans can agree that a series about the day to day antics of the golden trio would solve a lot of our issues.


However, this time,  I’m envisioning a comedy. In the 1,178 minutes of the Harry Potter series, there was probably about 200 minutes of funny moments, if that. The people want more. Those moments of witty banter between our favorite characters expanded into a whole series would be precious. Perhaps the series can start off right after the Battle of Hogwarts. After such a victorious battle, what do the golden trio have left to do? Take on their 20s. Regardless if you’re a muggle or wizard, there’s always something hysterical about navigating that.

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3. Pulp Fiction

Quentin Tarantino is a genius, which is why taking this cult classic to the small screen is a gamble. It could go really wrong, but there’s something desirable about a film noir-esque series with Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. Similar to the movie, the series would be unchronological and leaving the viewers guessing and piecing together what information they are given. But to clarify, the series would never touch on what is in the briefcase, because some things need to be left to the imagination.

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