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This September, the iconic Warner Brothers sitcom Friends celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary since the first episode aired. The world was much different in 1994 than it is day, but Friends continues to be one of the most streamed series on Netflix. The company announced Friends would be removed in January of 2019 and fans all over the country were devastated, resulting in Netflix paying Warner Brothers $100 million in order to keep the series for the remainder of 2019. The series will move to HBO Max in 2020, where it was set to spend 2019. The show is timeless, and many of it’s fans are college students and young adults who were not yet even alive for the airing of the first season. To celebrate the show’s impact on pop culture, here are the top 25 moments from all 10 seasons of the series.

25. The One With The Apothecary Table (Episode 6.11)

We all have that friend, just like Phoebe, who prefers funky second hand antiques and will never buy anything new because it lacks character. In this episode, Rachel lies to Phoebe and says that her brand new Pottery Barn Apothecary Table in their living room is from the days of Yore, and was used by a real apothecary. Pottery Barn sponsored the entire episode. This fall, Pottery Barn is even releasing a Friends-inspired furniture collection, including the Apothecary Table, to celebrate the show’s twenty-fifth anniversary. 

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24. The One With The Jellyfish (Episode 4.01)

In this episode, the friends are on a trip to Montauk when Monica is stung on her ankle by a jellyfish. In order to decrease the pain, Joey ~changes~ their friendship by using a remedy he learned on the Discovery Channel.

23. The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion (Episode 3.24)

This episode is extremely unique because it includes an improv scene in the introduction. The scene was not even a possibility until the day of filming, when the producers found out that both Robin Williams and Billy Crystal were in the same building. Kevin S. Bright, the show’s director, asked Williams and Crystal to improvise a scene in Central Perk – just for fun. The actors play Tim and Tomas, two strangers of the friends who have an extremely personal conversation right in front of them. 

22. The One With The Baby On the Bus (Episode 2.06)

Chandler and Joey learn that they enjoy babysitting Ross’ son, Ben, because the baby attracts attention from women. The attention causes them to get distracted, and they leave baby Ben on the bus.

21. The One With The Ball (Episode 5.21)

We all have a friend like Monica, who has to turn everything into a competition. When she notices that Joey and Ross have been throwing a ball back and forth without dropping it for an hour, she forces herself into a competitive sport of doing nothing but toss the ball back and forth. As much as the rest of the friends want to quit because they are hungry and tired, Monica will not allow it. IMG Source

20. The One With The Engagement Picture (Episode 7.5)

To announce their engagement, Monica wants Chandler to have photos taken with her to be placed in the newspaper. Chandler’s role is extremely relatable, as he is unable to properly smile and just look nice for a photo. Since this was before the cellphone era of taking as many photos as you want when you want, his unphotogenic insecurities cause a dispute with Monica. 

19. The One With The Mix Tape (Episode 6.17)

Ross attempts to convince Phoebe and Rachel that he has learned an advanced form of martial arts called “unagi.” Their disbelief results in Ross trying to scare them into self-defense mode throughout the entire episode.

18. The One With The Wedding Dresses (Episode 4.20)

When given the task of picking up the wedding dress that Ross’s fiance has purchased, Monica brings Rachel and Phoebe to the shop. All three women fall in love with the idea of wearing wedding dresses and being brides, leading them to purchase wedding dresses to wear when no one is around. 

17. The One With the Routine (Episode 6.10)

When given the opportunity to dance in the background of a pre-recorded New Year’s Eve television special, Monica and Ross reveal that they are the show’s biggest fans. The Gellars embarrass their friends as they perform dance routines that they came up with as children. 

16. The One With The Birth Mother (Episode 10.4)

While on a first date, Joey is horrified when his date attempts to eat a french fry off of his plate. He reveals his self-created policy of never sharing food with anyone, ever. 

15. The One With All The Rugby (Episode 4.15)

Anyone who has had a hard time breaking up with someone can relate to Chandler in this season four episode. After reconnecting with Janice once again and regretting it, Chandler pretends that the reason they can not be together is due to him moving to Yemen for a new job.

14. The One Where Joey Speaks French (Episode 10.13)

Maybe we are all a little guilty of fluffing up resumes to look good to prospective employers, but Joey takes the prize in this season 10 episode, where he claims to know French. After being hired for a French play, Phoebe must teach Joey French in a matter of days so that he can keep the rol

13. The One With Chandler In a Box (Episode 4.8)

After Chandler steals Joey’s girlfriend, the two best friends face the biggest fight they have ever had, and Chandler is desperate for Joey’s forgiveness. To prove his loyalty to his best friend, Chandler is trapped in a box in Monica’s living room and is not allowed to speak until Joey lets him out. 

12. The One With The Rumor (Episode 8.9)

In this Thanksgiving episode, Ross brings an old friend from high school to dinner, who happens to be played by Brad Pitt. When the episode was filmed, Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston (Rachel). Pitt’s character is disgusted by Rachel’s presence, and reveals that he and Ross had an “I hate Rachel” club back in high school. In the same episode, Joey wears Rachel’s maternity pants and proves he can eat an entire turkey. 

11. The One With Ross’s Sandwich (Episode 5.9)

Ross is horrified when his coworker eats a sandwich that was made from Thanksgiving leftovers and can only be eaten once a year. His public meltdown results in a high level of concern from all of the friends. 

10. The One With The Cop  (Episode 5.16)

Ross asks Rachel and Chandler to help him move into a new apartment. When they struggle to get the couch up the stairs, Ross announces that they must “PIVOT!”

9. The One Where Ross is Fine (Episode 10.2)

After Rachel begins to date Joey, Ross invites them over for a double date because he wants to act like their relationship is totally normal. When they arrive, Ross is completely drunk off tequila and cannot make it any clearer that he is just “fine.”IMG Source

8. The One With The Flashback (Episode 3.6)

A season 3 episode takes us back to a time where the friends had completely different lives. Rachel was about to marry Barry and surrender herself to the life of a housewife. Ross was married to Carol, Monica and Phoebe were living together, and Chandler just got a brand new roommate, Joey. This episode shows the perspective of how quickly life changes and how some things may have been very different. 

7. The One Where Everybody Finds Out (Episode 5.14)

After months of keeping their relationship a secret from everyone but Joey, Monica and Chandler’s relationship comes out of hiding. Their friends will not miss the opportunity to make this reveal as challenging as possible. 

6. The One With Ross’s Wedding (Episodes 4.23 and 4.24

After quickly falling in love with a British girl named Emily, Ross gets married in London. At the ceremony, in front of every single wedding guest, Ross accidentally calls Emily “Rachel” in his vows. The marriage does not last long after. 

5. The One Hundredth (Episode 5.3)

After nine long months, Phoebe finally gives birth to the triplets that she had been carrying for her brother and his wife. She gives birth to three babies on the show’s historic one hundredth episode.

4. The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break (Episode 3.15)

After weeks of fighting, Rachel and Ross decide that they should take a break from their relationship. This episode is the first time that Ross uses the now-iconic line, “We were on a break!”IMG Source

3. The One With The Prom Video (Episode 2.14)

Monica finds a home movie from her and Rachel’s prom night. The film reveals that Ross was planning to take Rachel to the dance after her date stood her up, and she finally realizes just how much Ross has always loved her.

2.The One With The Proposal (Episodes 6.24 and 6.25)

Chandler plans on proposing to Monica, but convinces her that he hates marriage in order to prevent suspicion. Coincidentally, her ex-boyfriend comes back into her life and reveals his desire to marry her and the regret he has from leaving her. This episode has some of the most shocking moments and twists than any other in the series. 

1.The Last One (Episode 10.18)

Without giving too much away, the final episode of the series ties up all the loose ends and still leaves fans in tears, and in shock, to this day… fifteen years later. 


Maia Franco is a junior at The College of New Jersey, majoring in Public Health with a minor in Psychology. Maia enjoys writing about health and nutrition, pop culture, and food.
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