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Choosing the best style for yourself can be relatively easy in some cases but hard for others. For a multitude of reasons choosing an aesthetic can be hard, from fear of getting judgy looks to not finding your niche or even just not truly exploring your options. It’s been pretty hard for me, over the years I've been through many different aesthetics the only reason I haven't found one that fits me yet is because I love to explore with them all. Although I'm still at crossroads with myself hopefully one of these helps you find yours or at the most explore them and see what you think. Here are some of my favorite fashion aesthetics.



Seize every shade in the color spectrum with this aesthetic. The monochrome fashion way is the simplistic yet bold choice of wearing mainly one color of any shade similar or the same. This look is always an eye-catcher and very very beautiful.


A style not many know of but is one of my favorites is granola. This style is very much into hiking, biking, and overall nature as a whole. This style is very relaxed and laid back and if you are too I recommend you check it out.

French Vintage

The most belle stupéfiante mix of preppy, classy, and vintage all in one is this aesthetic. Absolutely beautiful and chic. There isn't much else to say except to take a look at these amazing inspiration outfits that are French Vintage.

80's Style

Two of the best decades for fashion were the 80s & 70s so why not stay in them, ladies and gentlemen. This style is exactly what you think but just a tad bit modernized.

Bohemian (Boho)

Another laid-back style is Bohemian, the style that never goes away. Some say people who dress in boho style are basically just 'updated hippies'. This is one of the classic top aesthetics to kinda always exist. It's a common one too but nonetheless very beautiful.


Here is a Pinterest board I created with all these looks and more! https://www.pinterest.com/amateuralexa/fashion-aesthetics-blog/


Hi, I'm Alexa! I'm an undergraduate communications major who is minoring in women's and gender studies at TAMUSA, with hopes to graduate in the spring of 2023. I love to write, paint, and spend quality time with my tiny looking cow kitten Momo. When I'm not doing that I'm either working or designing new pieces for my shop. So basically I'm a college girl who loves her kitten and fashion!
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