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During this time period, it has been hard for anybody to have a good time with friends or family. Before COVID-19 hit, everybody had their activities and jobs to enjoy. Now, all we can do is just go to work, get what we need and go home. Here are a few activities that are safe and still fun to do. 


Drive-In Movies

The pandemic has made drive-in movie theaters comeback in the US. It’s something many people can enjoy together with enough physical distance from each other. We are allowed to see movies again from a different perspective, just like in the past. Although it might not be the same as recliner chairs, popcorn and soda, we still get to socialize with people at a safe distance while enjoying something we all like to do.


Sports and sporting events

Sports that come into contact, like wrestling and basketball, carry more of a risk towards COVID-19 than others. Team sports such as tennis, baseball, softball and soccer, have less of a risk towards COVID-19 because players can maintain the physical distance. It’s also important for spectators, players and coaches off the field or court to keep a social distance. The most important rules are to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and make sure you are social distancing. Be at least 6 feet between the spectators and yourself, whether it is standing, sitting in chairs or sharing bleachers. Just because we postponed games doesn’t mean we can’t continue off season workouts.


Gathering with friends

Try to social distance between people from different households and try to skip the hugs and handshakes with others. Plan activities that don’t require close contact, like frisbee or sidewalk chalk and offer hand sanitizer when needed. Remember when gathering for a chat or birthday, we have to stay at a safe distance. That offers a valuable opportunity to be with people we care about and it also boosts your mood at the same time.


Decorate a shoebox

With a group of friends or family members, go on a craft adventure to decorate a shoebox. Collect any favorite type of rocks, acorns, twigs, pinecones, anything that you wouldn’t find within the city limits. You can make animal-like objects from the treasured pinecones and acorns with pompoms, googly eyes, construction paper, feathers, pipe cleaners, and anything else you have.


Just to get things started, even trying out new things, here are a few things:

·      Try new workout routes at home or in your free time. We all have that goal body that we want to aim for in the future.

·      Having a cooking challenge with the family between the kids and the moms or between siblings.

·      Create a drawing contest with the little kids. Try having one child vs. the older siblings or between all the parents.

·      Getting the house clean or finding new ways to clean certain places.


In the end, we have to stand together and not apart, it might open up the view a little bit more for everyone in a positive and good way.

My name is Charissa, I am a transfer at Texas A&M-San Antonio, my major is Criminal Justice. I work 2 jobs, also being apart of 5 organizations, while President to one, as well as playing volleyball for TAMU-SA. :)
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