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If you’re looking for ideas for your first dance, or a tune to help keep the party going, then you tuned in with the right country music mega fan. Welcome to my Ultimate Country Wedding Playlist! 

To start off, here are my Top 5 songs to hit the dance floor to for your super special first dance:

Better Together by Luke Combs 

Whether it’s a wedding waltz with a country flare or a slow and smooth two-step, this 2020 hit can bring all the night’s emotions to the surface. With spots for some uber-romantic spins, and ample opportunity to slow it down and sway, the happy couple can easily get lost in this artist’s sweet southern draw.

Jesus & You by Drew Jacobs 

A bonafide tear-jerker, this sweet serenade is the perfect tune for a simple sway to start the party. The newlyweds can confess their endless love through this heartfelt ballad, sharing that special moment with their loved ones and each other.

She’s Got This Thing About Her by Chris Young

Quick to make any new bride blush, this 2011 song about sweethearts is a surefire way to showcase all the little things you love about her. The smooth tempo pairs nicely with a western-inspired waltz or a classy two-step, with spots where you can spin her around then pull her close regardless of the dance style of choice.

Back To Life by Rascal Flatts

A bit faster in places compared to the other three so far, but still allowing the spotlight couple to be one on the dance floor – sharing the passionate tempo of unity and love through these modern yet elegant piano and guitar tones. 

You by Jason Cassidy

The slowest of these five, this 2013 ballad was written for exactly this – the first dance. With a few opportunities for some slow spins in between swaying along with each piano key, this timeless tune brings the whole experience full circle when sharing that special dance with that special someone. 

Now that the big dance floor love display has come and gone, who wants to party? These next Top 5 are perfect for a quicker tempo, higher energy tour around the whole dance floor!

I’ll Name The Dogs by Blake Shelton 

This sweet but fun song fits perfectly with a mid-pace two-step, with a few extra moves like some behind the back leading to add some spunkiness. It’s not just a dance for the newlyweds though, bring the wedding party, couple’s parents, and every other country music lover out on the floor for this one!

Make Me Want To by Jimmie Allen

Regardless of who is dancing with you, or if you’re switching dance partners mid-song, this upbeat track brings life to the room and gets everyone up on their feet. If it’s jumping around and laughing with your best friends or enjoying another song with that special someone, this beat is one to party hard too.

She’s Got A Way by Chris Young

Bringing a classy hype to the floor, here’s one that’ll get everyone pumping each other up and enjoying that energetic vibe! When you hear a line that reminds you of one of your buddies, point them out and jam out together!

Look What God Gave Her by Thomas Rhett

Whether you hit this one with a quick two-step or a flashy swing with some big moves, move and groove while absorbing all that pumped up energy and putting it back out there in the dance floor atmosphere to keep the party going!

Chicken Fried by Zac Brown Band

A staple of just about every country music fan’s playlist, this hit is the perfect way to either wrap up the celebration or add fuel to the fire to continue the night’s jamming out. When everyone is on their feet, singing and swaying to every word, nothing else matters except the good people, good time, and good music!

Even if you’re not hunting for your perfect wedding song, I hope this list has introduced you to a song or two you’ve never heard before and will never forget. 

Taryn Deppe


My name is Taryn, and I am a loud and proud TAMUSA Psychology major! Outside of academics, I am a 2 time recipient of the gold level President's Volunteer Service Award, dedicating the bulk of my service hours to working with Guide Dogs For The Blind and serving as an assistant head coach for the MacArthur High School Bowling Program. During my "free" time, I run a small freelance photography business and write fiction, especially romance and adventure. My top five strengths that I lead from are Restorative, Belief, Positivity, Developer, and Relator, summing up to mean that I love people, working with people, and helping people grow!
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