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Jennifer’s Body Was Ahead of Its Time

After an entire decade, Jennifer’s Body has finally found its audience. It’s no doubt how the 2009 horror comedy film has recently gained popularity over the past year among gen z. In fact, it has been deemed that Jennifer’s Body is a cult classic and an icon in feminism and sapphic horror. Not to mention, Megan Fox is finally getting the appreciation she deserves after being cast out of Hollywood. So why is that Jennifer’s Body, a movie that was considered a “flop” during the time of its release, is now suddenly a fan favorite that is praised religiously on Twitter and TikTok?

Let’s start with the obvious: Jennifer’s Body was marketed wrong. The entire plot and point of the movie got overlooked because the focus of its trailers and promotional posters were solely on Megan Fox’s attractiveness and sex appeal. The witty dialogue and outstanding performances from Amanda Seyfried and Megan Fox were greatly underappreciated. In addition, the satire and political commentary got lost as well. What’s amusing is the fact that the satire behind Jennifer’s Body can be applied to how viewers perceived the film when it first came out. The young and beautiful Jennifer Check became a succubus that preyed on the men that only wanted her for her body; A rather interesting parallel to how Megan Fox was objectified and viewed as nothing more than eye candy in the film industry.

Not only does Jennifer’s Body explores themes about sexual assault, toxic friendships, and loss of innocence but it also subverts many classic movie tropes, the most significant one being submissive and helpless women in the horror genre. An honorable mention to the movies that also subvert this trope: Corpse Bride (2005) and Promising Young Woman (2020). Let’s face it, Jennifer’s Body was made to make people uncomfortable. It dramatizes revenge against assaulters and it is an unconventional movie with two strong female leads that were polar opposites but were also best friends. However, in the end, they turned against each other. The beauty and horror of the female gaze are highlighted exceptionally throughout the movie. Needy and Jennifer’s relationship was unhealthy as Jennifer was too controlling and possessive, while Needy was blinded by her unconditional love for Jennifer. Queer undertones are also very present in the film and that’s why sapphic women have reclaimed Jennifer’s Body and claim that this movie has helped them realize their sexuality. I mean, there is a reason why Megan Fox is infamously known as a Bicon (Bisexual Icon).

An interesting fact about Jennifer’s Body that most don’t know about is that it was inspired by a song of the same title by the rock band Hole. The song is about a young woman that was kidnapped and murdered, which is essentially what happened in the 2009 movie.

So if you’re looking to watch something smart and thrilling this Halloween, consider watching Jennifer’s Body and pay close attention to the dialogue, the dynamic between Jennifer and Needy, and the performance of the actors. Give it the love that it did not receive 12 years ago.

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