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7 COVID-Conscious Outdoor Activities You Can Take Up This Semester

Many of us are experiencing uncertainty and anxiety going into the Fall 2020 semester, and online learning is a route we’ve never taken before. Learning in front of a computer screen can be a stifling experience for those who are only familiar with in-person classes.

If you need an opportunity to go outdoors while maintaining all the necessary precautions to protect yourself and others from COVID-19, here is a list of affordable and safe activities you can take up!



Camping is a great way to take advantage of one of the fun activities to partake in while maintaining social distancing guidelines! There’s no specific way to camp; you can spend time in your backyard or visit actual campgrounds. If you are looking for a new place to camp, visit ​the National Geographic​. They offer some pretty helpful guidelines on how to camp safely. Though camping isn’t something genuinely plausible for many of you in dorms, fear not, there are still plenty of other outdoor options for you!



Living in a large city like San Antonio, light pollution isn’t as big of an obstacle as you might think. Luckily from our view, we can see visible planets like Jupiter and Saturn, as well as our Moon. Telescopes come in handy by maximizing your sight; here is a ​link​ to a beginner’s telescope. Here’s a tip: to open up your scope, try to avoid street-lights and head for higher ground like hills and balconies. Another way to stargaze is to join a star party! The members of the San Antonio Astronomical Association​ have access to their telescopes and will share with those who don’t.



Gardening is linked to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression, and it keeps you active! Though it requires time and energy (and you may not reap the results quickly), seeing the fruits of your labor is worth it. There are many sources dedicated to gardening, such as Gardening Channel, to begin the process!



Photography is versatile when it comes to new learning skills! You can add it to your resume or turn it into a side-hustle. New cameras lean towards the expensive side, but second-hand thrifting cameras work just as good! Here’s a ​link​ to a quality beginner’s camera at a lower price tag. Or, you can also buy these ​lenses​ to attach to your phone that still gives a “professional” feel to it!  



Hiking If you want to get physically active, hiking is a brilliant activity. Being physically active is challenging for those with busy schedules. Consider hiking as “me time” to enjoy the beauty of the peaceful parts of our city. San Antonio has so many great hiking trails​ such as the River Walk and the Mission Trail. Sunrises and sunsets are an excellent time to take advantage of the lower temperatures of the day and to stay healthier in the process.


Roller Skating

Roller skating​ is a fun activity and skill you can build on during the semester. Though it may require some outdoor space, our school has a vast parking lot to practice on, or you can attempt it in your driveway. With friends, rollerskating can turn into a nice roller-gang (I don’t know if that’s a real word, but I’m rolling with it).



If you want to give back to the community, volunteering might be a good route for you to take, especially during our pandemic. Because of COVID-19, the ​San Antonio Food Bank​ needs more volunteers to sort out food or bring in donations. Although there are several options and organizations to volunteer with, the SA Food Bank is just one place you can visit and give your time and energy to those who need it.

Aisha is a sophomore studying Biology with a concentration in Zoology at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. When she's not cramming for her next exam, she likes to spend her time sketching or reading.
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