Zodiac Signs As Lana Del Rey Songs

Now I don’t know about you, but I live by astrology, and I’m a firm believer in checking your horoscope daily (I mean come on astrology knows best). It's especially useful when building relationships because horoscope compatibility exists believe it or not! Zodiac signs give you a little inside look into someone's personality . After doing a little research, you'll able to at least know what traits to expect from people. Who knows it might be what saves you from an unpleasant experience? Scorpios are most known for their intimidating traits, which make them the most disliked Zodiac sign. From personal experience, I can tell you Scorpios are the most brutally honest, powerful, and magnetic kind of people (but then again, I’m a little biases since I am a Scorpio). Just know that we are one of a kind. As a wise man once said (I don’t actually know who said this...), your taste in music also says plenty about who you are. If you listen to Lana Del Rey, then I automatically consider that you have refined music taste (it’s confirmed I don’t make this stuff up). If you have yet to listen to any of her music, then you must be living under a rock, and you’re truly missing out. It might just be me, but all of her songs make you feel something (there have been lots of tears). Not only is her voice heavenly, but she has the power (her power, her mind!) of transmitting emotions through her music. So why not combine astrology with the indie-pop queen to reveal your true personality, but as Lana Del Rey songs (genius I know)!

Here are Zodiac signs as Lana Del Rey songs... 

  1. 1. Aries: National Anthem

    Let’s go back to the iconic Born to Die album, nothing like an upbeat song to represent the energetic and enthusiastic side of a good old Aries.

  2. 2. Tauras: Blue Jeans

    Now let me tell you if any sign is stubborn, Tauras takes the lead. This song resonates possessive authority with that powerful instrumental and continues to be one of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs!

  3. 3. Gemini: Young and Beautiful

    Come on it's in the title! Geminis are known for being versatile, lively, and youthful people, which can sometimes lead to some trouble...

  4. 4. Cancer: Pretty When You Cry

    Ultraviolence as a whole album is a masterpiece, and nothing like this song to represent cancer the 'cautious' sign that never forgets to remind us of how protective, loving, and overemotional they can be.

  5. 5. Leo: Shades of Cool

    Now focusing on the warmhearted and passionate traits of a Leo, this song incorporates that into the vocals, and Lana really makes sure to leave us with goosebumps from head to toe!

  6. 6. Virgo: Cinnamon Girl

    If you’re going to listen to any new Lana del Rey songs, let it be this one. Please! The delicacy of this soft tune focuses on the modest, sweet, and shy side of a Virgo.

  7. 7. Libra: Love Song

    Romance. Romance. Romance. It's in the title and take my word for it, romanticism is all about the Libras! They really know how to charm it up with their sociable and easy-going personalities. Beware though they are quite indecisive...

  8. 8. Scorpio: Doin' Time

    Finally, we have arrived at one of the more intimidating signs which are known as the obsessive, jealous, powerful, and determined personalities. All I can say about this song is that when you listen to it you will KNOW it’s a Scorpio trust me! 

  9. 9. Sagittarius: Beautiful People Beautiful Problems

    A Sagittarius is the sign known for being part of the softies, and they consist of optimist, jovial, and honest personalities. What other song like Beautiful People Beautiful Problems to represent our rays of sunshine!

  10. 10. Capricorn: How to Disappear

    Just from the title, I’m sure you guessed it! Yes, Capricorns are the most pessimistic sign. They are fatalistic and seem to be what we call these days 'going through it.'

  11. 11. Aquarius: Video Games

    Bringing back this gem from where it all began! If any sign is original, you can count on it being an Aquarius and nothing like this song to represent to their aloof personalities.

  12. 12. Pisces: Sad Girl

    Lastly, if you are a Pisces you must agree that Sad Girl is the perfect song. It emphasizes your sensitive, weak-willed, and compassionate personality not only with the title but the instrumental and lyrics themselves!