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You ready for your DUNK?! no you’re not.

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

You got your 90 hours and you’re ready for that Aggie Bling. What now?! We all know the big tradition we have here at Texas A&M. RING DUNK TIME! We all wait to get that big pitcher of your favorite drink, throw that new shiny ring in there, and start chugging.

If you think you’re ready to dunk. No, you’re not. It seems easy right? I mean it did to me until I actually had to start chugging. That is when I wished someone would have given me tips and tricks on how to have the smooth dunk. So here a few tips to make YOUR day the best!

Alex Frank / Spoon

Get Your Guests to RSVP online

Escape the hassle of having to text people, and then cancelling last minute. Sometimes they want to bring someone extra and it just helps you get a headcount easily. Big party or small, it really helps with the anxiety of everything. You can make a Facebook event, or use Evite, which is free. It helps with any updates you want to get to everyone, and it’s one less thing you need to worry about.


You REALLY want to eat something before. Even if it’s something small. I know the feeling of anxiety and excitedness can make you forget all about this, but you will thank me. This will help with the hangover and not getting too drunk too quick. Remember you’re chugging a pitcher nearly equivalent to a six pack. Try to get something with high protein and healthy fats.

Leave your drink out in advance

I would recommend leaving it out a day before. Even if you forget, try to leave it out even a few hours before. This will help with the carbonation, and will make it easier to chug and also not to throw up so easily. Keep stirring it throughout the day and remember to keep it covered with saran wrap to make sure nothing gets in it.

Wear a cover or a trash bag

You don’t want what you wear to get dirty. Even if you have a change of clothes, that beer smell is very strong and can stay for a while. They have many cute covers you can get, even from Aggieland Outfitters. If you don’t have time for that then just get a trash bag! It will be worth it.


BIGGEST THING! Once you start, Keep Going! The moment you look down that pitcher to see how much you have left you’re going to want to throw up. Chugging any liquid that quick is going to want to make you throw up, carbonation or not. Don’t stop till you get where you want. A few people like to practice before the big day. Also, if you want to, take a shot or get a bit buzzed to help with the nerves and to get you in the zone, but don’t get drunk.

Have a trashcan nearby

Or somewhere where you can vomit. Because there is a 95% chance (not backed up by stats) that you are going to barf either in between or at the end. A great place to put it is behind so you can turn around and do it without anyone looking at you while your back is turned to the audience. Don’t be embarrassed to; we all know what happens at ring dunks.

Don’t swallow your ring

These things can happen. I would try to slow down at the end because I know you can get excited to nearly finish and forget about it. Try tying it down with something as well if you like. Another option is not putting your ring in the pitcher at all. It’s all up to you!

Have Fun

Just remember to have fun! Don’t worry about anyone else besides this fun Aggie tradition. As much as a competition it seems like, it is more about YOU! You are going to remember this day forever, and no matter how much prep work you put into, the day will go as it’s supposed to. HAPPY DUNKING!

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