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You Don’t Really Hate Cats, and Cats Don’t Really Hate You.

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

How many people do we know are absolute dog lovers, but hate being around cats?  Sometimes they even despise the thought of cats? Too many people if you ask me. It is socially acceptable to hate on cats.  This leads to my main question: why do people hate them so much? 

Here are 5 reasons people say they hate cats.

“cats are mean; they scratch and bite you”

First of all, every cat you meet has a different personality. Just like people, there are a variety of personalities a cat may have.  A cat may be introverted or extraverted, playful or shy, clumsy or delicate. A common mistake made by many people is expecting cats to act like dogs. Every cat selects who they choose to trust and show affection to. Therefore, it’s important to know how to approach one.

A reason a cat may be mean or skittish when approached can attribute to them feeling intimidated. Cats are very smart creatures and understand how much bigger a person is to them by comparison therefore, they may instinctively hesitate to get near you. Always allow a cat to come to you, not the other way around. By sitting on the floor and making yourself smaller, this may cause a cat to feel at ease and feel safe to approach you.

Scratching and biting from a cat can also mean they’re feeling excited and ready to play. Cats by nature are hunters. They tend to play with each other roughly, so a scratch or bite is not always done in a malicious manner. Another reason for these actions can be associated with how roughly they are being handled or where they are being touched. Not all cats like having their toes beans touched or having their bellies rubbed which makes it important to handle cats carefully when being introduced to one.

Next time when approaching a new cat, sit in a spot where the cat has enough space to come up to you and have a toy ready for that furry feline. I assure you, their attitude will surprise you!

“I’m more of a dog person”

Let me tell you something…you can still be a dog person and like cats. Saying you hate cats because you are more of a dog person is like saying I don’t like pasta because “I’m more of a pizza person”. Both foods are delicious, and there’s no need to hate one because you like another cuisine more. Both dogs and cats are very unique. It just so happens that cats require more patience in terms of understanding who they are as individuals.

“they’re too independent”

There is this belief that cats like being left alone, but that’s far from the truth. It’s true that cats are more independent than dogs and can care of themselves more efficiently, but cats are just as needy as dogs. As a cat owner myself, I will assure you my cats beg for me to play with them, pet them, and feed them. Although independent, they still enjoy the company of their owners and don’t totally like being left alone.

“they aren’t as loyal as dogs”

As mentioned previously, cats are very similar to people in terms of having their own unique personality. Like people, cats will not always come to you when called or obey every order the way we expect dogs to do. Although it may seem like a dream to have an animal listen to your every command, hating a cat simply because they do not fully obey orders shows a lack of control. What makes a cat special is the fact that they are truly their own beings.  They can’t be molded into something they’re not. I know for a fact, if I were a cat, I wouldn’t want to be around someone who is constantly trying to make me obey them and not allow me to freely be who I am.

“Cats don’t really love you”

Despite being independent creatures, cats do form strong bonds with their owners! A study conducted in 2019 demonstrated kittens displayed the same level of attachment to their owners as they did to their parents. Even as they become adults, cats display affection to their owners in forms of meowing, licking, rubbing, and sometimes just simply laying next to you. Affection and love comes in many forms and cats sure do have their own ways of saying they love you.

Overall, I believe cats are misunderstood creatures that require time to fully understand who they are as individuals. Just like dogs, cats are funny, loving, and playfully animals who love their owners. Everyone should like cats! Now, I’m not saying you need to own a cat, but perhaps try to understand why cats are different and why many people love them for it. 

Hello everyone, My name is Astrid and I attend school at the Texas A&M university. I am someone who is moving along the waves of life trying to enjoy every moment as much as I can. Everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it.