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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

This week everyone on campus had the chance to be a celebrity through Snapchat’s Texas A&M Campus Story! Throughout the past few days Snapchat has allowed you to see our campus through the eyes of your fellow Aggies. While on campus, any story you post to your Snapchat story can also be posted to the collective Campus Story and can be viewed by anyone on campus for 24 hours.

There were classic stories showing off the beauty of our campus:


Stories showing the stress of being a college student studying, writing papers, and pulling the dreaded all-nighter:


And the many ways we shake off the stresses of college:


Seeing Texas A&M through another perspective this week has been refreshing and entertaining. Let’s hope the campus story is here to stay! 

My name is Alexis Emmou! I am a Senior Communication major, English minor at Texas A&M University. I love reading, writing, and all things entertainment. I aspire to be a television broadcaster. Thanks and Gig 'Em! :)