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What is the H3 Podcast? And Why Should You Watch It? 

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

If you were around for the early days of YouTube, you probably saw videos from H3H3Productions end up on the trending page as it was super popular. There were videos like “Vape Nation” and other reaction videos. H3H3Productions is the brainchild of Ethan and Hila Klein (mostly the former), a couple that met in Israel many years ago that wanted to make comedy videos that lampooned the silliness of other content creators like Logan and Jake Paul, KeemStar, etc. While some videos were controversial, like the “Instagram vs Reality” video, Ethan has apologized in the most part for his old, harmful videos. Despite the popularity of the channel, Ethan became disillusioned and actually depressed at making videos like that, and instead went the route of a “podcast” (in all reality it’s a livestream they just happen to call a podcast). Here, they still lampoon ridiculous content but aren’t restricted to having a script. It’s free-flowing and unexpected, while being as ridiculous as before. In addition to the Kleins, they have a full-fledged crew that does research for the show, coordinates with the guests, makes the props and activities, and edits video and sound actively as the show goes on. I personally didn’t watch the old channel, but I watch the podcast channel. There are many reasons why I think you should too because it’s a good time: 

  1. They stream at least 3 times a week 

Being a livestream show, to maintain popularity or whatever reason they have, H3 streams three times a week, with each show being a part of a different theme of sorts. Monday is H3TV, Wednesday is Off the Rails, Thursday is members only (through the YouTube membership to channels system) called See You Next Thursday (formerly Tuesday). There’s always new content coming out and it’s refreshing. 

  1. The show loves interacting with their fans 

Besides having the members only stream on Thursday, the cast and crew regularly interacts with chat, their Discord, and subreddit as well. Fan-content is regularly featured and showcased, and they even frequently do fan submission contests. It gets funny at times, especially the green screen competitions or like the button title cards (the button is a system that they use to remove the last 20 seconds of the show if something too offensive is said). I love seeing this meta especially when it makes me chortle. 

  1. They always get interesting interview guests 

My favorite so far has been the Beavo one, but they have interviewed guests like Tana Mongeau, Rebecca Black, Whitney Cummings, and even Aggie alum Brittany Broski. I think they’re so fun, especially when he candidly talks about their quirks with no shame. The Oliver Tree ones are so silly too, especially with the fake beef that Oliver Tree and Ethan has together whenever Oliver comes for an interview (even if it’s impromptu). 

  1. The bits are so funny 

For a lot of the episodes, they have an activity that the episode is based on, like interviews as an example. This can be relevant to the times (like the Stanley cup experiments after that one car caught on fire), or just for fun like guessing the crew member based on baby photos. My favorite so far is, crudely enough, the California Poopy Kitchen where they make meals inspired by Barfly on TikTok in their bathroom. A lot of the time I watch for the bit and it’s a lot of fun. 

These have been four simple reasons to watch H3 Podcast. It’s not for everyone, especially given the crudeness of the show, but it is a fun time. I know there’s criticism on Ethan for his past behavior, but he truly has turned a new leaf and is apologetic for the problematic stuff he has done in the past. I’m just one viewer though, so get more opinion online if you want to learn more before delving in.