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We’re Aggies, Of Course We Love Our Traditions

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

We’re Aggies, of course we’re known as a school of tradition, culture, and sense of belonging. Our biggest traditions include Aggie Rings, our Century Tree, Aggie Muster, Silver Taps, and Midnight Yell. But even more than those traditions found on our website and those talked about in the Campus Tours, we have certain quirks, customs, and ways that make us stand out among campus communities. Beyond the traditions we look forward to during our time as students, there are certain things Aggies do on a day-to-day basis that truly encourage that connection to the Aggie Spirit.

the word “howdy”

We’re Aggies, of course we start every email with “Howdy!”. I can’t think of the amount of times I’ve written an email to a non-Aggie and actually struggled with a proper greeting. Not only is it a very “A&M” way to greet someone, I actually find it to be in the perfect spot between too formal and too casual. It works for most, if not all, greeting scenarios. It’s actually very nice to walk up to a front desk or a Starbucks on campus and be greeted with a friendly smile, welcoming attitude, and our beloved “Howdy!”. I’ve noticed the impact of this word even more while being abroad. I walked into my first class this semester expecting to be greeted with that familiar word and was surprised when my professor simply said: “Good morning students”. It’s so much more fun to say Howdy! So yes, we’re Aggies, and we’re obviously going to say “Howdy” more than we say “hello”.

camping out

We’re Aggies, of course we sleep outside Kyle Field two weeks before a Football game in order to get good tickets. Whenever we have home games coming up, tents are set up outside the ticket booth around 4 days before Pull Day. That Sunday night before Pull Day is when the fun starts. Lines get long, chairs are brought out, the most random kitchen appliances are seen all over, and the 12th Man is ready for the pre-GameDay shenanigans. A football-loving community is created with a spirit like no other, and the stories will be told for many years to come. Especially those of the ticket-pull week before Bama games, where Aggies would start camping out as soon as the previous game ended (2 weeks before) and our Aggie athletes would come out and greet the 12th Man on Sunday night. In the Fall 2023 Bama Ticket-Pull Evening, there were even sightings of former head coach Jimbo Fisher giving out breakfast to the Aggies that were supporting the football team days before the game. All in all, we’re Aggies, and we will crowd the area surrounding the Reveille Memorial to show our love for the Aggie Football Team and our excitement to return to Kyle Field.

Stomp our Boots in kyle field

We’re Aggies, of course we are going to stomp our boots in the stands of Kyle field whenever we get the chance (or at least, that’s what I do). We do so to the same rhythm as “Hullabaloo, Canneck! Canneck!” (those who get it, get it) with either our Aggie Rings, or cowboy boots for those of us who haven’t earned our bling yet. After the stomping comes a “Whoop!” from every Aggie nearby, and just the feeling of people yelling that to the top of their lungs on a hot Saturday morning makes Aggies feel more Aggie than ever before. By the way, if you hadn’t picked it up by now, I freely use the term “Aggie” as a noun, verb, and adjective because of everything it encompasses and represents in Aggieland. So yes, we’re Aggies, and we know being the loudest and proudest members of the Texas Aggies is the best we can be.

we’re aggies

“We are Aggies – the Aggies are we” and we will continue living out our traditions and ways with our head held high and our Aggie Rings a bit higher. These little things that are so big in our culture are part of what defines us and makes Aggies all over the world yearn for the day they can return to Aggieland, walk the streets of College Station, and reminisce on the days they were the ones camping out, saying Howdy, wearing boots, and throwing a “Thanks and Gig’em” any chance they got. We’re Aggies, and we know that being Aggies is the best we can be.

Ana Applewhite is a member of the Her Campus TAMU chapter and is currently exploring her interests as a writer. She is passionate about digital media and finding the best way to communicate exciting experiences. Beyond Her Campus, Ana is the VP of Administration for the Aggie Advertising Club and the Recruitment and Events Director for the Venezuelan Student Association. She is pursuing a degree in Marketing which is her absolute favorite thing in the world, and every time she learns something new about it, she falls in love with her career a little bit more.