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Top 10 BEST Bathrooms on Texas A&M University’s Campus

The bathroom dilemma. A struggle that we all, as humans, face everyday. Whether it be finding any bathroom as soon as possible, being pee-shy, or wanting a comfortable place to do the doo, we all know what it’s like to want to find the perfect bathroom on campus.

As a student at TAMU and a user of bathrooms, I felt that it was my responsibility to to my research and compile a list of the 10 best bathrooms on campus, for the greater good of my fellow students.

10= Not great, but still better than most.

1= The absolute best.  

10. “Hit or Miss”

Location: Hullabaloo Hall – By the Community Learning Center

Reasons: This bathroom comes in last place because it’s new and nice, but sometimes it is dirty. I have noticed that about ⅖ times I go to this bathroom, there are people who didn’t flush and just left their pee in the toilet, which is ~gross~. The staff clean everyday (sometime early in the morning), so this is truly because of heathens who decide to come in and not flush. Other than this, it is usually quiet, not too crowded, and it has the nice Dyson hand dryers.


9. “Pot(ty) at the End of the Rainbow”

Location: Chemistry Building

Reasons: The sole reason this bathroom is on the list is because there is never anyone in there. It is super hard to find because you have to navigate the basement of the chemistry building and it is super confusing. The bathroom itself is above average. Quiet, clean, and a lot of privacy, so it really makes for a good secret pooping hideout when you need one.  

8. “Boujee For Your Booty”

Location: Rudder

Reasons: This is the bathroom that the university uses for visitors who come for visits, shows, etc… so they sort of have to keep it clean. Although there are tons of stalls, if you go during the day there aren’t that many people in them. The upside of this bathroom is that it is always clean. Literally always.  

7.   “Bathroom (feat. Couch)”

Location: Military Science Building – 2nd floor

Reasons: I was impressed by this bathroom because the location really threw me off. There is a couch and showers, sort of like a VIP lounge but with toilets. It was really clean and quiet, but there was quite a few other people there when I went.

6. “4th Floor Paradise”

Location: LAAH Building – 4th Floor

Reasons: This is the bathroom I go to when I need an almost spiritual experience. I never see anyone else in there, so the privacy is very nice AND it always smells so good in there. Props to the LAAH Building for keeping this beautiful treasure sacred.


5. “West Wing Wonder”

Location: 2nd floor west wing of the MSC

Reasons: Not a lot of people go back here often, so this bathroom almost always has privacy and is very peaceful. I always recommend this for bathroom breaks in the MSC because you can avoid the chaotic 1st floor one.


4. “Basement Business”

Location: Basement of the Reed-McDonald Building

Reasons: I was truly amazed by this bathroom. It is in the basement so you have to find your way down there, but it is so worth it. It was super clean and there was literally nobody there. I asked around to see if anyone else had been here and apparently nobody else has seen other people in there, so I consider that a success. This is also a really central location for if you’re needing a poo in the middle of the day.


3. “A Physics Poo”

Location: Mitchell Physics Building

Reasons: I don’t know how more people don’t know about this, but literally all of the bathrooms in here are so nice. It’s a super quiet building, so it’s very serene and the bathrooms are all super clean. This building is also very nice, so you are in for a truly luxurious bathroom experience if you stop by the Mitchell Physics Building


2. “Platform 2 ½”

Location: O&M (Eller) Building – 2 ½ Floors up

Reasons: I consider this bathroom a privilege to know about. The only way to access it is if you go up the stairs to the 2 ½ floor and then you find it. There are never any other people in there and it always smells like flowers. This bathroom also has amazing natural light, so the quality of bathroom selfies would be extremely high in this one.


1.”Poo with a View”

Location: Secret

Reasons: The legend of the “Poo with a View” has been passed down from generations of past Aggies. A big part of getting to experience this sacred place is finding it because it is all about the journey. This bathroom may be older, but it is clean and smells good. There wasn’t anyone there when I went, so the privacy, quiet, and the view made for a tremendous ambiance. The “Poo with a View” is one of A&M’s best kept secrets and I believe it is the best bathroom on campus.


*Disclaimer: I only used women’s restrooms, so men’s restrooms are not included in this list*


Sydnie Acker is a Political Science student at Texas A&M University from Denton, Texas. In her free time, she enjoys watching reality tv, doing Pinterest crafts, and hoping that One Direction will get back together.
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