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As finals wrap up and the semester comes to an end, old feelings for people from the past do the same as well. Last week was really tough one for me. I had reached out to an old friend that I really cared about, and hoped that we could still be in each other’s lives, but now I think I know what it means to outgrow people.

The last few weeks I have been watching movies like Palo Alto and The Princess Diaries to cheer myself up, and I thought I would compile a list of movies that I think everyone should see at least once when they’re feeling down.

Good will hunting (1997)

This movie stars Matt Damon and Robin Williams, and it’s about a guy who’s used to getting into trouble, but has a love for learning. He’s later given the chance to study with a professor, meet with a shrink, and fall in love with a girl. I really love this movie because it plays songs like “Miss Misery” by Elliott Smith.

The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

This movie has an overall great soundtrack, and the storyline was super entertaining. Wes Anderson makes a bunch of great films that I recommend, like Bottle Rocket (1996). The relationship that the three main characters have with their father was interesting to watch as well as how all of them interacted with each other.

The Secret life of walter mitty (2013)

Sometimes staying in the same routine can be hard, and living the same way day-to-day makes things dreadful. In this film, Ben Stiller plays a magazine employee who’s about to get laid off from his job. He then decides to embark on a journey to Alaska to help save his company. Throughout the movie, viewers get to see what it’s like in his imagination and how he sees himself compared to other people’s opinions. I think this is a really good watch and the songs by José González are the best part of the soundtrack!

The truman show (1998)

The first time I watched this movie was on my 18th birthday and it was a very special day for me. It was recommended by the friend I had mentioned earlier, and I’m glad it’s one of the few memories I can keep. The first time I watched it two years ago, it made me really mad because I felt bad that there were so many people dictating Truman’s life for him. I was sad that he was trapped and that he was being lied to by all of these people in a fake world that was created for him. I think the ending of the movie made the whole watch worth it, and Jim Carrey did an excellent job.

Stuck in love (2012)

Here’s one for all the people who need a little more love in their lives, but also want to move on. This film is about a family and how each of them interpret love. This film stars Lily Collins and Nat Wolff as siblings, and Logan Lerman as Lily’s love interest. It’s about getting over fears of not being loved back, taking chances in love, and knowing when you should give into letting others love you. I’ve loved this movie since I was younger because it’s always a fun watch, and the music is obviously great too.

To end this article, I just want to say that it’s okay to miss people, but it’s better to be their for yourself. I promise you’re not missing out on anything, because whoever is supposed to be in your life now is present. Don’t ever worry about what others have, or what you think you lack because you are everything and more. Don’t worry about moving on, or how much time it’ll take you to move on from things and people, because it will eventually happen. When times get tough, it’s good to have people that you can rely on, and it’s good to make sure you have every intention of caring for yourself. The right people will come around again if they’re meant to, and you should have faith in that. The song “Time Will Tell” By Blood Orange is the best song I have to share right now, and I’ll be keeping it on repeat for the next few months. I hope that none of you ever feel lonely or like you don’t matter, because you do. The last two years had been complicated for me in all honesty. I think I lost sight of the person I wanted to be because I was hung up on the person I was before. I’ve spent so much time evolving into someone new that I hadn’t realized I’m good as I am. And that outgrowing relationships is hard, but you need to know when it’s time to let go. Everything has meaning, even the things we just brush off our shoulders. I don’t believe that things happen for a reason, but I do feel like things just happen. We live and experience events, we move on from things or we don’t, but we will always have room to simply keep on being.

Hello! My name is Larissa Gonzalez, and I am a Junior Sociology major at Texas A&M University. I am also the host/DJ of an online radio show called bimbo radio. If you'd ever like to listen I go on at 2pm on Fridays on kanm.org. I love listening to all kinds of music, from Rock to Reggae, to Alternative. I really like reading books from time to time, especially non-fiction or biographies, such as Patti Smith. One of my favorite things to do is watch movies, and I've been trying to add more movies to my letterboxd too. A fun fact is that I love corgis!