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Kristen Bryant-Thinking In A Lala College Sweatshirt
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This Is How Motivation Is Destroyed

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Don’t worry, it’s not harmful.

Demotivated by fear

This is a major motivation killer. For many, just the thought of failing can be enough to obliterate any drive they may have. To get motivated, you need to deal with your fear. Start by naming your fears so that they’re out in the open. I like to say “thank you” to my fears – they’re trying to protect me, after all. Try to question your fears: “Why am I afraid of that happening?” or “What are the chances that would really happen?”

Setting the wrong goals

Take some time to review your goals. Notice how your body responds as you think of each of the goals you’re trying to work on. When your body shows signs of tightness and constriction, that’s a pretty good indication that you’re trying to follow toxic goals. Setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound goals can help you stay focused and motivated.

Lack of support

When you feel like no one believes in you or supports you or cares about whether or not you accomplish your goals, finding the motivation to keep pressing on can be difficult. Look for people who will support and encourage you. Also, support the dreams of those around you. You just never know how much of a positive impact your support can have on someone.

not believing in yourself

Having a strong “why” is vitally important when it comes to motivation. You can have goals, but if your desire to achieve them is weak, any number of things can discourage you and kill your motivation. If your desire is weak, either come up with stronger reasons for achieving the goal or choose another goal, something that actually excites you.

Inaction and laziness

It doesn’t matter how motivated your mind is, if your body is lacking in energy, you won’t be able to do much. Take care of your body. Eat right and get some exercises in. You can get a lot more done when you have the energy to bounce out of bed in the morning compared to having to muster up every ounce of energy you have just to drag yourself out of bed.

Demotivated by grief

If you’ve just experienced a trauma or loss, or you’re going through a major change, don’t try to make yourself motivated and proactive. You can’t rush grieving and go straight into working mode. Give yourself a lot of space for nurturing and reflection. Look after your body with good food, rest, and exercise. Express your grief, confusion, and fears with people who can listen lovingly. Spend time in nature and with calm, loving people to center yourself. Accept every feeling and thoughts you have – they’re all normal and safe.

Demotivated by loneliness

Take a break and go spend some time with someone you enjoy. You may be surprised at the motivating impact this has and find yourself much more clear and productive when you return to your work. And then look for ways that you can begin to build more networking and joint venturing into your work.

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