Things to do Every Night of the Week in College Station

I’m not talking about going to see a movie or Painting with a Twist, I’m talking consuming alcohol in large quantities and losing a little bit of dignity. Now, I also I don’t recommend going out every night of every week, but if that’s your style I won’t judge.


Karaoke Night at The Tap. It’s the best. And the worst. There are some greats, and some not-so-greats. But, there’s beer and it is always fun. It’s like my little tradition. See you there!


T-Shirt Tuesday, where all bars on Northgate participate. What’s better than getting drunk in your lazy clothes? Not much, lemme tell ya. BUT, I will warn you this, there are some people (cough cough) that don’t believe in T-Shirt Tuesday and go all out with their clubbing clothes. I don’t like you, people.


On Wednesday’s you can find me at The Tap. Again. But this time, for Piano Bar. Request any song on a napkin (aww, cute) and the most talented duo ever will sing it with a little bit of piano and drums.


The start of the weekend for us lucky ones. The weekends are for Northgate. But, since it is only Thursday, I recommend taking it easy at some sort of sit-down bar. Maybe The Chicken? (The Dixie Chicken that is, for you deprived Aggies.) Rough Draught? That’s a chill one. Rebel’s for you folks that like a little country music. There’s also Chimy’s, but Chimy’s must be approached very wisely if you are trying to pace yourself. Dr. Pepper shootouts might land you crying in the parking lot by 11 o’clock, trust me.


It’s Friday, now you can throw that so-called “wisdom” I mentioned earlier out the window and take yourself to Chimy’s. Dr. Pepper shootouts galore. Every time somebody tells me they have never done one, I die a little inside. Chimy’s closes at twelve though, and if you go home at twelve you have failed your Friday night. So, I suggest taking it over to The Backyard if the weather is nice, playing a little washers, or darts.


I usually save my most ratchet self for Saturday’s, when I’m not at home Netflixing with my dog. If you haven’t noticed, I might be single-handedly keeping Chimy’s in business, so as their No. 1 customer I tend to start the night there. Every night. Surprising, I know. But, after-Chimy’s is where the real fun begins. Cedar Lane: wake me ups. Dangerous stuff. Sake Bar. More dangerous stuff. Saturday’s were meant for danger. 


If you can move after your wild Saturday night, Sunday’s are for: studying! You crazy hooligan. Sunday’s are a tough one, speaking from personal experience the wildest thing I’ve done on a Sunday is the pool, so maybe it would be best if we use this day to rest, and do all that homework we’ve put off for the entire weekend.

Honorable Mentions:

Clearly as experienced as I pretend to be, (seriously, my time is best spent Netflixing with my dog), I have not yet made it to all of the bars; however, I’ve heard great things (and not-so-great things) about just about every one. Like, Harry’s. Everybody except for me LOOOOOVES Harry’s. But they towed my car once, so I won’t be returning.

 As a self-proclaimed grandma, I can vouch for Social, Foudies, Gatsby’s, 12, all those lovely little places, and we can’t forget the Hookah Station. But once you pass the point in your life where you enjoy being body-to-body on a bunch of sweaty heathens, you can finally bid farewell to those grimy clubs. Adios, Freshman year, I don't miss you at all.