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On September 28, 2023, the world fell in love with Gerry turner, a 72-year-old Indiana native searching to find love after losing his high school sweetheart in 2017. Although the show seemed to have many skeptics at the beginning, everybody seems to just love this show so much now! (I know I do).

Many people have said that the golden bachelor is way more intense, hilarious, and loving than all other bachelor nation shows! I know that I was personally skeptical at the beginning but after the first 10 minutes of the show I was crying and laughing all in one, it is safe to say I was hooked!

There were 22 women on night one of the golden bachelors vying for sweet Gerry’s love – and the really are 22 amazing women, if I may say. One difference about the golden bachelor and other bachelor shows is that the drama was very minimized. These women really did seem like they were here for the right reasons. Faith Martin(60), a California native, quickly got the first impression rose and captured the hearts of many. Many other women such as Kathy Swarts (70,) Susan Noles (66), Nancy Hulkower (61), and April Kirkwood (65) quickly became an awesome girl group that made the show 10x more fun! Although not every woman will walk away with Gerry, they seemed to have walked away with lifelong friendships.

One thing that specifically drew me to this show was that all the women are truly just so happy to be there; they constantly made jokes, helped each other out, and there was really no petty drama. Many of the women said at the “Women Tell All” that this experience has helped them to learn what they are looking for and that they are all so deserving of love.

Swarts said “as much as this show is about love, it’s about hope and friendship and what life has to offer us as well” at the women tell all episode, where she along the other 14 other women present spoke highly about one and another and the times they had shared on the show. As the end of the season approaches, Gerry has 2 women left after sending Faith home and breaking the hearts of America. Will Gerry fall in love this season and make history as the first golden bachelor? Or will he leave Costa Rica without love? Check out the golden bachelor Thursdays at 7/8 central to see what America has been talking about, you won’t regret!

Howdy! my name is Anali Ramirez and I am a junior psychology major at Texas a&m university. I grew up in Laredo Texas, but moved to New Braunfels during 2020. Some of my goals In life are to spread mental health awareness specifically in college. I feel that this is so important because everyone could be more knowledgeable about the great effects of properly caring for your mental health . I also hope to write a book when I am older and I hope to move to Washington DC in the future. Some of my hobbies are writing, running, taking pictures, going to Starbucks and sonic, and currently I am on the hunt to see who has the best kolache in college station! I love spending time with my family, I'm a huge history buff, and I love shopping! I also babysit 3-4 times a week and I love working with little kids. I feel that this will help me in my goal of becoming a child psychiatrist in the future. Some other fun facts about me are that I am a huge talker! I love to talk, I am not afraid of public speaking and could quite literally strike up a conversation with the wall! I also love learning new things because I truly believe that knowledge ie power!