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After waiting three years and three cancelled concerts, I finally got to see Harry Styles live, once again. Houston, Texas waited a long time for this moment and boy did the city show out.

The Houston show was a little different, there was no opener. With no opening act, fans had little time to prepare for what was about to happen in front of them. As soon as the box wheeled out and Sweet Thing played, the crowd was on their feet ready to dance the night away.

Coming on stage while singing Golden (with quite the intro) Styles was dressed in his flares with a half buttoned blue, sparkly shirt. The energy he had mixed with the rest of the areas was electric, and there was not a single person not on their feet singing their heart out.

As the show went on, Styles bounced from one end of the stage to the other, interacting with as many people as he could. He even called a girl off of a guy in the audience’s phone to talk to her about him. I blame that conversation on the reason I was not able to hear Medicine live again, but maybe I am just jealous.

While he sang many of his hit songs, there was something about hearing Fine Line live that sent shivers down my spine. The stadium was dead silent, and it was just Harry and his guitar as a pinkish purple light filled the room. While there was a sold out crowd there, it felt as if he was singing just to you. Words cannot describe that feeling.

With the US tour now coming to an end, the end of the Fine Line era leaves with it. An amazing album we had for much longer due to the pandemic, there is no telling when fans will get the next album. Until then, listen to Styles’ two albums, watch for his upcoming movies to come out, and as always- Treat People with Kindness.

Houston, Texas music enthusiast
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