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The Best & Worst Things about Texas, As A Virginian

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It’s no secret to any American that Texas is in a league of its own, for just about everything. The unofficial state slogan is literally “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and they weren’t lying. I can go down the street and get a burger the size of my face for $10, or get on a highway with eighteen lanes, or even spend a whole day going from one end of the state to another! I think of the Lone Star state as the Super Target of the United States: jam-packed with a little bit of everything.

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Even though my parents grew up in Texas, the state always seemed like a magical wonderland to me somehow, just because there was so much it had that Virginia didn’t. Now that I’ve officially moved here, I feel like I’m qualified enough to share what about Texas puts me back in that magical wonderland, and what snaps me back to reality.


1. The Stores

Everyone who has lived in Texas and has since left will tell you that they miss H.E.B. I’m still not exactly sure what makes H.E.B. so special to Texans, but I can tell you that everything they tell you about it is completely correct. To me, it has the homey feel of a Target but with the variety of a Wal-Mart. I am beyond impressed.

And, before you say it, I know that Buc-ee’s has expanded out of Texas but, dude– once again, the hype is real. If you somehow haven’t experienced Buc-ee’s, it’s a gas station/Disneyland hybrid, complete with their own merch, every snack ever made, and even fresh brisket. If you haven’t been, I highly suggest that you look up the nearest one to you and make some vacation plans.

2. The food

Speaking of fresh brisket, I am not kidding when I say I eat better in Texas than I have anywhere else. In Virginia, most barbeque is questionable (unless my dad is the one grilling), Tex-Mex is pretty sad, and gravy as a sauce option is practically nonexistent. My family’s must-eat whenever we’re down here is Chicken Express. The chicken is perfectly fried, and all the sides are to die for (especially the fried okra!). Some may close this article whenever they read this, but I highly prefer Chicken Express to Whataburger. Sue me.

3. TExas Pride

Last but not least, we have the pride Texas has in itself. Don’t get me wrong, I am well aware that Texas has been under criticism for…several things, to say the least. But, there’s something incredible about having a plethora of songs about your state or having every United States citizen remember a specific historical event from your state. I promise, not a single person is singing about Richmond, or telling me to remember Jamestown. I feel like, overall, few Texans are ashamed to call themselves Texans. After all, why else would everyone judge the Californians for moving here? After coming from the third most boring city in the country, (shoutout to Chesapeake) I’m happy to be a part of something that has such a prominent culture.


1. The Size

Okay, I know it’s not really anyone’s fault, but I strongly believe that Texas is way too big. If I were to drive for twelve hours going in the same direction, I should not be in the same state that I started in. Also, the fact that Texas has vastly different climates from itself is crazy to me. Why is it flooding in the east, but drying out in the west? This is one of those times where I think Virginia had the right idea to split itself in half.

2. The Politics

Will there ever be a time when Texas isn’t a hot topic on the national news? I severely doubt it! It’s usually about certain senators (not naming names) or certain governors (still not naming names) saying something stupid (or stupidly offensive), and making less-than-ideal decisions for the state. It honestly worries me, and I hope the state gets in a better place soon. Like, really soon.

3. The Weather

…Or should I say, the lack thereof. I don’t think the Equator is this hot on some days! I think it’s so brutal that I still have to wear pants to my chemistry lab while it’s a million degrees out. Do people still do rain dances? If not, can we bring those back? The climate ruins the whole look of the state, too. Texas, as a whole, is so incredibly beige. Can we at least get fake bushes? No? Okay.

Even though I’m still experiencing some culture shock,(who actually line dances?) I’ve been having a phenomenal time in Texas so far. I’ll have to see if anything on this list falls out of the ranking as time goes on. For now, I’ll continue to settle in and find more things about the Lone Star state that I love.

Allison McGregor is a member of the Texas A&M University chapter of Her Campus. Even though most of her pieces are about personal experiences, she also updates on current events around CSTAT. Beyond Her Campus, Allison is an engineering student at TAMU. She hopes to major in chemical engineering and, she is a newly-inducted member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChe). Allison also has experience working at Chick-Fil-A. When she isn't writing articles for Her Campus, Allison is either listening to music (likely Taylor Swift or Fall Out Boy), writing poetry, or texting her family. Allison is a Navy brat who calls Chesapeake, Virginia home, and a lot of her unusual life experiences will find their way into her articles. She considers herself the second biggest fan of Coca-Cola, next to her mom. They're both kind of bummed that TAMU is a Pepsi campus.