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Who Should You Kiss On New Years Eve Consider Your Friends?width=398&height=256&fit=crop&auto=webp
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The Best Bucket List of the Summer

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I was recently scrolling through my goodreads account, looking at all the books I read in high school and I came across Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson.  Immediately, I transported back to my high school days, my friend and I giggling over the cheesy lists that we made for each other.  These lists consisted of tasks that either forced us out of our comfort zones or made us appreciate the moment.  We got the inspiration for the lists from, you guessed it, Morgan Matson’s book.  In it, the protagonist needs to complete a fun to-do list that her friend created.  

Now, making a creative, outrageous list for oneself is difficult and not as much as fun having a friend create one.  But if your friend is away for the summer or you need inspiration, I’ve provided a list of ten tasks to complete before the summer is over.  

  1. Say hi to a stranger
  2. Spend a night on somebody else’s couch
  3. Win a round of cards
  4. Go on a hot girl walk
  5. Flirt with a friend
  6. Cry in public
  7. Jump into a pool fully clothed
  8. Wear a cute dress out
  9. Check out an art gallery
  10.  Buy flowers for a friend, and yourself!

Come on, carpe diem, live in the movement.  It’s July 15th.  We’re already midway through Summer.  Before we know it, the fall semester will be starting and we’ll be thrown back into the swing of things.  Have some fun this semester and mark off every task on this list.

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