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Taylor Swift Made History (One More Time)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

Last Sunday night was, without a doubt, one of the most exciting ones of this year so far. The 63rd Annual Grammy Awards ceremony took place. And while it was different from those in previous years due to the pandemic, the magic was still there. 

There were so many moments that will forever be remembered by those who watched the event. Here is my favorite one. 




Those who know me are aware of my love for Taylor Swift and her amazing music. I’ve been part of the Swiftie family since 2012. And with every song she creates, my admiration and respect for her grows bigger. Therefore, It is not a surprise that last Sunday night, I was in front of the TV, impatiently waiting for the winners of every category to be announced. Even though I felt happy for every winner -if you have watched Miss Americana on Netflix- you’ll understand why I was also heartbroken when I did not hear her name for five of the six categories.


I have never, not once, doubted her talent. But I got to see how devastated she was when Reputation, an album she put her whole heart in, was not nominated for a major Grammy Award in 2019. I was afraid -and I think I speak for all her fans- that she would feel the same way. Like she needed “to make a better record.” 


As the night was ending, the moment I and thousands of others were waiting for came. It was time to announce the winner for Album of The Year. This was the last category Taylor Swift, with her album Folklore, was nominated for. I could feel the tension, nervousness, and excitement running through my body, all three at the same time. Other talented artists like Dua Lipa, Post Malone, and Coldplay were also nominees, so it is safe to say that this category was very competitive. But the moment came. The presenter opened the envelope and shouted: “And the Grammy goes to… Folklore by Taylor Swift.” To say I was excited to see Taylor’s joyful face is an understatement. I was immeasurably happy and proud. I made sure I did not miss a single second from the moment she hugged her collaborators to the minute she got on the stage. She then started her speech. And believe me, there are no words to describe how beautiful it was to hear her talk about Joe, her current boyfriend, and how he is the first person she shows her songs to. It was inevitable to reminisce about the inspirational speech she gave in 2016 when she also won Album of The Year with 1989. That night, she had mentioned how she felt she had no one to share that special moment with. So, to know that now she has someone she can play her songs to and write new ones with during quarantine is truly beautiful. 


But Ms. Swift did not only win Album of The Year that night. She made history. Taylor is now the only woman to have won the Grammy for Album of the Year three times with Fearless, 1989, and Folklore. This achievement has now been certified by the Guinness World Records. My entire feed has been filled with posts of people congratulating her. Even our loved and warmhearted Michelle Obama took the time to write the kindest words for her. We stan women supporting other women. But, wait, some people decided to congratulate her in person. If you think I am talking about Harry Styles, who, by the way, won his first Grammy this Sunday,  you are exactly right! 


Why is it so exciting? Well, if you did not know, Taylor and Harry dated back in 2012. In fact, “Style” and “Out of the Woods,” two of my favorite songs, are about him. While there have been some comments about their relationship, especially by Harry in a couple of interviews, last Sunday night was the first time we got to see them interact. And let me tell you, it was the most adorable thing ever. 


First, we saw Taylor Swift clapping for Harry when he won the Grammy for Pop Solo Performance, a category she was also nominated for. Later, Harry approached the table where Swift and her collaborators were sitting at. They started talking, and the moment was recorded. While the video has no audio, many fans speculate that Harry was congratulating Taylor on her award. 


It was nice to see that they are on good terms with each other. I have great admiration and love for both of them. And it makes me extremely happy to know that their talent was recognized during the ceremony.


Overall, watching this event was a great way to spend my Sunday night. It is intriguing to see what the future holds for both of them -music-wise. I am already super excited about Taylor rerecording all of her albums. I cannot wait for her to own every song that was once unfairly taken away from her. But in the meantime, let us celebrate this empowering moment, which, by the way, happened during Women’s History Month. 


*Happy Women’s History Month to all the powerful and special women reading this article. Let us always remember that there is absolutely nothing we cannot do.* 




Hello, My name is Brenda. I am a senior student at Texas A&M, majoring in Biomedical Sciences and minoring in Spanish. I have an enormous passion for reading and writing. My favorite books are Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights. I enjoy practicing playing the piano and singing, for I believe music feeds the soul. I consider myself to be the biggest Disney Fan. My favorite movie of all time is Beauty and the Beast, and I dream of becoming a dentist one day.