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I think it’s a rite of passage to immediately download dating apps when you turn 18. They are honestly pretty entertaining and as a girl, you get some really nice compliments, but also some of the most horrific messages. I know when I first downloaded Tinder, I was shocked by the type of messages these men would send me, like, no sir, I will not be calling you daddy. To me, dating apps are such a confidence boost and are really funny. I get some AggieChick tinder tuesday level texts on the daily sometimes. I am impressed with the confidence of some men and the creativity in their messages. 

Something I have learned is that you need to play into their delusions or ideas. I still get those crazy texts, but now it’s a game for me. I always think, what is the craziest thing I could respond with, and then say it. Yes, this does usually lead to them thinking I will hook up with them or I will have their children, but I will ghost as soon as things get too serious, or when they start inviting themselves over. Men seriously will call me mommy and tell me they are on their knees for me and I am giggling in my living room. I love all of my tinder men. But don’t worry, my roommates and I are making fun of you with your crazy comments. 

I actually do talk to some people seriously and I have met some really cool people through dating apps. I went on a hinge date that ended up lasting for a couple of hours, before I kicked him out. He was a super cool guy, I just wasn’t into him in a romantic way. He did power through hanging out with all of my friends and basically experiencing a high school party. I made him take me to get a tattoo, so at least I am memorable. And Mr. Hinge date if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I dissed your kiss, you just looked too much like my friend’s ex. My friends are starting to get concerned with the number of Hinge and Tinder men numbers and snapchats I have. My friend literally saw a guy on Hinge and I already had his number. The bad thing is that I don’t respond for multiple days and they are still asking me out. 

Overall, the dating apps do bring in a fun time. With the crazy comments (coming from both them and I) and the hot men in my phone, I love dating apps and the joy it brings me. If anyone I have matched is reading this, I love you and I’m sorry if you were called out. If you are my favorite hinge match, please text me, I miss you.

Lainie Parker is a first-year member of Her Campus at the Texas A&M Chapter. She is a part of the Events and Writing and Editing Committee. In these committees, she writes articles and helps plan gatherings for our chapter. She is excited to write articles about her favorite books, must-watch movies, and personal experiences of her first year in college. Lainie was born and raised in a town in East Texas called Lufkin. She graduated from Hudson High School with honors. Lainie is currently continuing her education as a freshman at Texas A&M University. She is in the process of switching majors to English and is excited to see what this path has to offer. With her undergraduate degree, Lainie hopes to work in publishing or attend law school. Lainie is also interested in minoring in Sociology. Lainie is a reader, cook, baker, movie enthusiast, and cat mom who loves to try new things. Some fun facts about her are that she can say the alphabet backward and has an encyclopedic knowledge of most mainstream book series. Lainie loves to hang out with friends when she isn’t napping between classes. Lainie is the epitome of an Aries and loves to learn more about her astrological chart.