Surviving Finals

It’s that time of the semester where a million things are happening at once. With final meetings for your organizations and back-to-back study sessions for those upcoming finals, things can get very overwhelming, very quickly. I know you’re tired, a little unmotivated, and ready for summer. But time (and productivity!) is of the essence because we all know you (and especially I) don’t have any time to waste. So here are a few things I do whenever I need a good pick me up or motivation during ~finals season~.

  1. 1. Take a shower.

    One day, my suitemate told me that “taking a shower is like having a fresh start to your day”, and it has become my holy mantra. You can take a quick rinse or treat yourself with a thirty-minute shower in which you do the whole self-care thing. Whatever it is you decide to do, be ready to get out of the shower feeling like you can rule the world. Well maybe not rule the world just yet, but you will feel refreshed and more productive. Which is exactly how you want to feel when you’re studying for those finals, or you know, after that five-minute cry session you had before you took your shower.

  2. 2. Tidy up your space.

    I don’t know about you, but when my bedroom is a mess, I am a mess. Simply making your bed and doing that laundry that has been sitting on your chair for two weeks will help you feel productive. Accomplishing something, no matter how small it is, will motivate you to keep on accomplishing more throughout the day. Plus having a clean room will help you feel more in control and focused if you decide to stay in and study. And if you don’t want to study in your room, at least you don’t have to worry about cleaning.

  3. 3. Make a list!

    Feeling overwhelmed? Have a lot on your plate? Write it all down, everything you need to do. All the homework, assignments, and studying. Prioritize what you need to do first and start on it ASAP! Whenever I write out my to-do lists, it suddenly feels less daunting to do them. Also, the feeling you get when you cross out what you’ve done is so rewarding.

  4. 4. Do something that’ll bring you joy and energy.

    Have a dance party in your room. Work out. Eat a BIG meal. Take a walk outside. Whatever it is you need to do that is active and gets your blood flowing, I recommend you do it! These opt for great study breaks and energy boosters, so go out and clear your mind! We all can use it from time to time.

  5. 5. Take a moment.

    And breathe. Maybe catch an extra hour or two of sleep. Remind yourself it’ll be okay. Do not bombard yourself with the stress of how many points you need to make an A in that one class. You have been working hard all semester, and it’s almost over. Give yourself some credit for all the work you have been doing, and continue doing what you’ve been doing and stay on that #grind so you can finish the semester strong.  

  6. 6. Get to grinding.

    Last but not least… get to that study grind. You danced or showered away all your struggles and worries. Now it’s time to get to work. You’ve. Got. This.

    You may have better ideas or rituals on how you survive finals, but I hope you receive something from this shpiel of mine and conquer these next few weeks! Now remember that your grades do not define you and that it’s okay to take a breather. Go get em. I believe in you!