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Now that I’m in my second year attending Texas A&M, I’ve tried many studying techniques in an attempt to enhance my productivity. While some studying tips did work, others did not help me and my studying at all. Furthermore, I decided to compile a list of my favorite studying tips that make me feel better about the long list of tasks I have waiting for me daily.

Listen to “Study with me” videos

I personally love to study with friends, but everyone has a different schedule, and sometimes friends just become a distraction. To overcome that, I try to listen to “Study With Me” videos on Youtube. This is honestly one of my favorite hacks because I still feel that motivation of having someone to keep me accountable, but I also only have to rely on myself for it. One of my favorite type of Youtube videos to put in the background while I study are coffee shop videos because I get to feel like I’m in a coffee shop while still being in the comfort of my own home.

learn when you are most productive

I know that sometimes, it’s impossible to control when you can study. However, if you can, I strongly suggest figuring out what type of person you are. Are you a morning bird or a night owl? Do you normally feel tired in the afternoon? I have found out that I’m a morning person, so I try to get all my work done earlier rather than later. I also know that once it gets too late at night, I might as well call it a day because I won’t work as well.

Planning around those dips in energy is the best way to ensure that you’re studying efficiently. Otherwise, you may study but not actually retain any information.

Study in different places

I love having a planned study spot for my study sessions. However, I am always changing up that study spot in order to keep myself from slacking off. I find that if I study in the same area too many times in a row, I start to dread studying. I obviously have study spots that I like more than others like the MSC, but I still try to not only study there. Having at least 3-4 study spots that you alternate is a great way to avoid that monotonous feeling that studying can bring about.

take actual breaks

Unfortunately, I’ve learned that scrolling through TikTok is not a proper break from studying. Going from staring at one screen to another is not the break your brain and eyes actually need. Some breaks that I try to incorporate into my study routine are taking a walk, taking a short 10 minute nap (or just closing my eyes for 10 minutes), and eating a snack without any electronics. While I still struggle to give myself proper breaks, I have found that I study better when I actually let myself rest.

romanticize it

To be perfectly honest, studying is not always fun. However, you can trick your mind into thinking that it is fun! In order to romanticize, I try to appeal to my five senses. For example, I tend to keep a water bottle next to me but also a fun drink to keep my taste buds alert. This could be a Starbucks drink or in the colder months, it could be hot chocolate. Additionally, having soft lighting wherever I study brightens my mood and helps my eyes way more than fluorescent lighting. For smell, I like to turn on my wax warmer. And for touch, I try to dress in clothes that make me feel cozy and comfortable.

Doing this simultaneously with my other tips makes studying slightly more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a way to relish, or at the very least, tolerate studying, I highly suggest making any of these tips a habit in your study routine.

Emily Velez is a member of the Writing and Editing Committee at the Her Campus at TAMU chapter. She writes about her experiences and anything that is on her mind. She tends to lean towards topics that discuss Texas A&M or being a college student, but you will also find articles that deal with entertainment. Emily makes several references in her articles to other things going on in her life, but she often references Taylor Swift or a lyric to her latest favorite song. Emily is a sophomore at Texas A&M, majoring in English with a minor in Professional Writing. She is in a women's organization and tries to be as involved on campus as she can be. Her plans for the future are to either become a technical writer, copywriter, or publisher. However, Emily wants to keep her doors open to any opportunities that arise. In her free time, Emily loves to read, write, and crochet. She recently completed a tote bag and has started on a new journey of trying amigurumi. She loves listening to Taylor Swift, and she knows many of her songs by heart. She also adores anything related to Snoopy, so you will often find her with some sort of Snoopy merchandise.