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The Song That Perfectly Encompasses My Thoughts on 2020

With an endless amount of uncertainty in these modern times, it’s easy to assume the majority of us need to let off some steam. With all that is 2020 whirling through the inner-workings of our pysche, healthy and reliable coping mechanisms are certainly necessary. Music, throughout my life, has facilitated me with analyzing my highs and lows. Here are some of my 2020 thoughts, lyrically, through the song “Roddy” by the artist Djo. 

Ironically enough in 2019 Djo, or Joe Keery, released a solo album by the name of “Twenty-Twenty.” My favorite track from said album, and possibly of the year, would have to be the song titled, “Roddy.” While not confirmed by Keery, Roddy can be defined as someone, or something, holding you back.

Many people have felt that pain this year due to all of the pandemic circumstances. As for me personally, I see Roddy as being the toxic past version of myself, or the shadow side I don’t allow touch light. I have struggled with my identity for years. In many ways that has held me back from becoming my true self. The lyrics state:

“There’s somethin’ wrong with this world; I feel it coming on; And contradictions take their toll; Is that where we went wrong? And somethin’ struck me; It struck me deep; It knocked me to my knees; Roddy, step on back from me.”

“So Man in the mirror; Make another home here; You’re put together but clear; You’re lacking substance not fear; So come right inside; Welcome to my new life; Separation in time; And I can’t keep it straight inside my head…”

At one point, I was at the base of a constant superficial battle within my head. I had these new ideas of who i wanted to be each changing of the season. While to me it felt clear, as in easily understandable, in reality it was clear in color, lacking meaning and substance. “A separation in time”, when relating to relativity (yes I’m going there…) refers to the need of maneuverability and balance.

One must be multifaceted throughout life. Balancing the ascent, the the flight, the turbulence, and the landing is a key part of understanding what life is in a sense. Without a solid structure of self, I struggled with this balance, and still do in many ways. At times I could not “keep it straight inside my head.” Luckily, I’ve realized this, and I have been making clear strides in order to search for my honest self. Keery States: 

“Cuttin’ the page; Things are looking up; That time is out of my reach; One drink’s what lead to the change; Out on my own; Kicked out of the show; I’ll take what’s mine and I’ll go.”

I’ve seen 2020 as a year of great pain, however, from this pain arises change, necessary change that is. Encountering challenging situations helps to improve ourselves at our core, and I am grateful for the turbulence. I no longer wish to be a performative version of myself. I want to “take mine and go.”

This year has been a retrograde for us all. Astrologically, a retrograde refers to a time period when a planet appears to be moving in reverse orbit. In reality, that is all an illusion. While 2020 has brought forth great struggle for many, I see this as a time to stimulate an authentic rebirth of ourselves, and of the world as we know it. Keery ends it with:

“Ending Retrograde; I told you mistakes were made; We’re ending retrograde; I told you mistakes were made; We’re in; Retrograde; Retrograde.”



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