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Some Cozy Mystery Books to Add to Your Fall TBR

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Fall is officially here and while reading mystery books is a year-round activity, they feel especially in season during the fall. Cozy mystery books can be a quick read for those who are looking for amateur detective books! Here are some recommendations to get your started in this genre.

1. Dial P for Poison by Zara Keane

After saying goodbye to her disastrous life in San Francisco, our main character Maggie takes a journey to Ireland in search of new life. At least that’s what she promised by her aunt, so in exchange for a roof over her head, she begins working the Movie Theatre Café. It all kind of goes topsy-turvy when the most hated person on the entire island ends up dead in the café. With her aunt as the prime suspect, Maggie propels into a murder investigation to prove her aunt’s innocence and perhaps discover something (or someone) along the way.

2. Fangs and Frenemies by Sierra Cross

As the black sheep of her Beige family, Hazel is the only one that received her grandmother’s powerful Green magic. Everything seems to be looking up until one day, a former high school bully disappears and somehow Hazel & Frenemies are tasked with finding her. Let’s see what happens when a witch, bobcat shifter, and cheerleading vampire do when they put find out how to put their differences aside. Will the mystery be solved or is the trio destined to crash and burn?

3. Murder in Manhattan by Verity Bright

Elenor, a high society woman, decides to christen her new home in New York City with a soirée like no other. That is until her sweet doorman, Marty, is killed in a hit and run. With Officer Balowski by her side, she begins to investigate the case when a wealthy man (and a known employer of Marty) is killed the next day. With wads of cash under floorboards in Marty’s apartment and 2 men dead, doors start slamming in Eleanor’s face when she asks the wrong people the right questions…

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