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Reasons To Love Your Hair

There’s no feeling that compares to loving your own mane. Hair is a woman’s pride and joy. It’s what makes us a femme fatale. Whether it’s long, short, brunette, blonde, thin, or thick, our hair is one of the first things that define our personality. Even being bald shows your character. Being a bald woman is a symbol of strength and boldness. Having extra long hair represents elegance and traditionalism. Short hair shows that you’re edgy and tasteful. All women with all different kinds of hairstyles represent all these astonishing qualities, and no matter the hairdo you rock, own it! Love your hair for what it is and what you can make it. You’re phenomenal, just like these girls who are proud to say they love their hair:

Adriana Foteh: “I really like long hair, and my hair has finally grown to a length I’m in love with. Plus, the shampoo I use makes it look and feel healthy and voluminous.”

Lailee Madani: “My favorite way to style my hair would be curling it with the want. It’s super easy and fast and looks great. I have naturally straight hair, which I also love because it’s easy, but sometimes I want more volume, especially if I’m going out. I also get a lot of compliments on the shade of brown my hair color has, so I feel blessed with that.”

Marissa Rand: “I love my hair because my curls make me feel like a lion.”

Morgan Knezeck: “I love my hair because it’s so big and full of secrets.”

Phylea King: “I love and care for my hair. I just feel like it’s a woman’s glory and her crown. I think how you treat, take care of, and style your hair is a direct reflection of how you value and view yourself overall (maybe that’s just me). I think my hair is the epitome of how I view myself and how I want others to see me: elegant, classy, with just a small dash of sass.”

Sydney McDaniel: “I love my hair because I get to do fun things with it! My hair is relaxed and medium length, and I’m able to do different things with it. Wearing clip-ins is so fun and it adds length for when I want to do big bouncy curls. My friend helped me curl mine in this picture, and I absolutely loved it!” (pictured third from the right)

Valerie Torres: “I love my hair because it’s nice and dark and smooth and long.”

Leana is a communication major journalism minor at Texas A&M University. She loves writing, food, and keeping herself busy. Leana is an aspiring broadcast journalist and plans on attending law school after receiving her bachelor's.
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