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Rating Escape Rooms in Houston (My Experience)

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.
  1. City Centre Escape Room: “The Escape Game”

I give this escape room a 3/5 experience. This escape room is located in a small shopping center surrounded with many things to eat and do. The location is perfect for date nights and family outings. What brings the rating down is that the escape rooms can feel small and can be more difficult than other escape rooms. As well, the themes are not as creative as other locations. A benefit of this location is that they allow different parties to be together. Escape rooms can be challenging for only 2-4 people so grouping different groups together lead to better results.

2. Escape IT Houston

This escape room is a 4/5 experience. This escape room is located in a small district with an arcade, movie theatre, and a couple restaurants. This escape room was easier than most and seemed more do-able than other escape rooms. After 3 clues though, they did not give extra clues like some other escape rooms. The result of that meant that after the escape room, you just would not know what clues you missed. The theme and story was well made and thought out giving it a 4/5. Also, parking was very convenient. For example, they had fake skeletons and fake blood which was creative and engaging. This location did not group people together so if you were a group of 2, it could be more challenging with only 2 people to solve the puzzles. The price for this location was better than other locations.

3. Exit Lab Houston

This was a 3/5 experience for me. The workers here were superb. They were friendly and nice and understood that more clues may be necessary and makes it more fun to actually complete the room. The low rating came from the location because unlike the other locations with cute surroundings, this room had a run-down feel. The escape room was fun and had very creative solutions. It was a little challenging than others but the extra clues made it worth it. Escape rooms with two rooms are by far more impressive. This place did not seem very busy so walk-ins could work out. At other locations, they may not be able to accept walk-ins as easily. Walk-ins are preferable to split the bill instead of having to pay all on one card online.

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