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Poems Inspired by BTS Lyrics Pt. 2

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

Hey readers! Welcome to part two of “Poems Inspired by BTS Lyrics,” where I will be creating short poems based on the lyrics to three BTS songs. I cannot call this “My Favorite BTS Songs as Poems” because I do not have just a few favorite BTS songs. I love too many of them. That is why I am doing this part by part with 2-3 songs in each part. Now that that is out of the way, I hope you enjoy it!

All the credit goes to BTS and HYBE LABELS, as the poems are based on their beautiful lyrics.

💜 The Truth Untold 전하지 못한 진심💜

I was alone when this garden bloomed, flowers and thorns of blue.

Then, I saw you. You who were hiding in this garden, my garden of loneliness.

I have not the courage to ask you your name or where you came from.

I can feel your warmth; it is as real as my want for you.

But I cannot reach out and touch you as I cannot reverse my fate.

Don’t show me your beautiful smile and don’t shine your light upon me

Because I cannot get close to you. I cannot touch you.

And there is no name with which you can call out to me.

I cannot give myself to you fully. I cannot reveal my true self as it is ruined.

The only way I can face you is behind this mask that I have made, a mask of smiles hiding the hurt.

But, through all this, I long for you. I yearn to give you me, to show you me.

I see a flower that resembles you blooming in my garden and want to give it to you.

But I cannot do that so long as I wear this mask.

And I can never take it off; I can never show you the monster hiding beneath.

I am secretly terrified, terrified that you will leave me, leave me alone in the end.

So I will always wear this mask to go meet you, so that I will never lose you.

The only thing I can do in the garden of loneliness is to grow a flower that resembles you and remain the mask that you know.

But, through all this, I still yearn for you. I want you.

Every night I wonder what would have been different if I had ripped off my mask and gone to stand before you as…me.

Would I be able to touch you now? To hold you?

And here I am now, kneeling over this broken mask, and your footprints racing out of the garden, my garden.

I cry as I spiral down the deep whole of loneliness. Everything is disappearing, everything except the flower that resembles you.

I have been left alone in this garden with nothing except this broken mask.

💜 House of Cards 💜

It has come again, the danger, the stakes.

It has become wearying to withstand it, to sustain it.

It is so hard. I can’t.

There is no way to turn back now. I could not even though I had already known.

It is collapsing yet again, becoming more and more ruined as time passes.

We are trapped inside this house of cards, unable to escape as it falls down.

Even though everything is as vain as a dream and all for not, can we not remain like this for a little while longer?

As if tomorrow will never come, as if “next time” does not exist, let’s stay here in this house of cards.

I know we won’t work out in the end, but I cannot help but hope.

If I am with you when the end comes, everything will be okay.

So let’s stay here in this house of cards and watch everything crumble in each other’s arms.

My poems do not give the lyrics justice, so please check out these amazing songs! I promise you will not be disappointed!! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed it!

Passionate about writing, photography, and travel and am currently studying architecture at Texas A&M University.