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I’ve been an avid k-drama watcher since 7th grade and have seen the progress Netflix has made over the years in expanding its Korean drama recommendations. Here are a couple of my top Korean dramas that are available on Netflix to watch! 

  1. Crash Course in Romance  

This is a k-drama I started binging recently and cannot stop watching. It revolves around the lives of the charming star teacher, Choi Chi-Yeol, and a hardworking side dish restaurant owner, Nam Haeng-Seon. Haeng-Seon has a daughter that is preparing for her college entrance exams and gains the help of Choi Chi-Yeol to tutor her. Math problems aren’t the only things that are solved as the main characters find out each makes up for what the other one lacks. As the show progresses we see glimpses into the daily struggles of Korean students and are reminded of how important family is. This is a great k-drama if you’re in the mood for comedy and romance.

  1. Alchemy of Souls 

I started watching this drama when it was first releasing episodes last year and was always on the edge of my seat. It takes place in a fantasy world where mages, demons, and assassins exist. It focuses on Jang-Uk, a mage with a dark past, and Naksu, a trained assassin. An unlikely relationship develops between the two when Nasksu’s soul shifts into the body of Mu-deok, a blind servant, and both have to work together to figure out the balance between good and evil. With twists and turns, the occasional comedy here and there, and romance this k-drama is one that you’ll want to binge on over the weekend. 

  1. Inheritors   

This is an oldie and a classic. Even though this came out 10 years ago, I still catch myself going back to it whenever I’m feeling stressed. This drama stars Park Shin-hye, Lee Min Ho, Kim Woo Bin, and Park Hyung-sik, all of which are household names. If you’re a newbie k-drama watcher, this one is a staple as many recent k-dramas relate back to it. With the well-known love triangle, rich boy poor girl plot, and evil father that tries to get between them, you will be on the edge of your seat as you watch young love blossom and attempt to conquer the world. 

  1. Hotel Del Luna  

Starring IU and Yeo Jin-Goo, this drama will pull at your heartstrings as you root for the forbidden love between the main characters. IU, Jang Man-Wol, is the caretaker of a ghost hotel that houses spirits who are waiting to move on to the next life. She is a ghost herself and has been trapped at the hotel for 1,000 years. Yeo Jin-Goo, Goo Chang-Seon, is a human who becomes the manager of this ghost hotel and is responsible for its residents. The two go on adventures together solving mysteries, heartbreaks, and regrets all while trying to figure out their feelings for one another. If you want something that is more on the serious side but still romantic this drama has you covered! Not to mention the OST will be stuck in your head for days!  

  1. Extraordinary Attorney Woo   

Want a k-drama that makes you cry, gives you hope, and is so addicting you binge it all in one weekend? Then this is the drama for you! Park Eun-Bin, Attorney Woo Young-Woo, and Kang Tae-Oh, Lee Jun-ho, star in this drama as the main characters. Woo Young-Woo is a genius attorney that is on the autism spectrum and Lee Jun-ho is an employee at the law firm. The two meet and develop a friendship over the various cases that they solve together, and somehow a romance grows between them. From the mysterious background of Woo Young-woo to her daily struggles living in a society with autism, this drama captures your heart and raises awareness of the negative stigma that is placed on those with disabilities.  

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