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Gay love is beautiful.  But the queer experience isn’t always represented in music.  Oftentimes, the popular music playing on the radio is singing about the hetero experience.  And yes, there are some songs, Like Take Me to Church by Hozier, that are about the queer experience and are popular.  But so many good LGBTQIA+ songs are unknown.  So here’s a list of some popular queer songs I love to sing and a few songs you might not know.    

10. Equal Rights (feat. Pink) by The Lonely Island (hilarious)

This song is just, quite frankly, hilarious.  I like to think it makes fun of all the songs popular artists released when they were trying for a money grab from the LGBTQIA+ community.  I definitely recommend listening to the song if you want a good laugh.  The random interjections of “sports,” “hot wings,” and “love beef” are some comedic parts to listen for.  

9. Wo Fie(feat. Wanlov The Kubolor & Sister Deborah) by Angel Maxine

This song is the perfect song to put on when you just want to vibe.  And when you listen to the lyrics?  Even better.  This song asks the listeners why be prejudiced?  “Why do you want to hate?”  Because being homophobic is a choice.  So instead, the song challenges the audience to treat their neighbor right.  

8. Little Miss Perfect(feat. Joriah Kwamé & Taylor Louderman) by Write Out Loud 

This song explains what it means to try to be absolutely perfect.  But perfection?  It’s exhausting.  And what’s more?  How can you be perfect when you fall for girls, the opposite of what your heterosexual community expects from “Little Miss Perfect”?  This song is great to sing along to when you’re chafing at other’s expectations of you.

7. Same Love(feat. Mary Lambert) by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

I fell in love with this song in highschool.  When I first realized I liked girls, I didn’t have the best support system.  I felt like the world was against me (I know, a little dramatic, but when you’re fearful that people won’t support you, you get to be as melodramatic as you want).  So singing along to Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert) was an outlet to express my emotions.  And boy, did I cry to that song many times.

6. What I Need (feat. Kehlani) by Hayley Kiyoko

This song is great to dance along to with its upbeat rhythm.  And the message within the piece is so relatable for many of the queer community.  Dating someone not ready to come out of the closet is difficult.  And yes, no one should ever be forced out of the closest.  But that doesn’t mean dating someone currently in the closet is easy.

5. Stacy’s Brother by Mad Tsai

This song is a fresh take on the iconic Stacy’s Mom.  But instead of the artist being in love with the mom or Stacy, he’s full on crushing on her brother.  And we love how the song evolves from hiding this secret and allowing everybody to believe what they assume to him openly confessing to Stacy.  I highly recommend giving this song a listen.

4. Boyfriend by Dove Cameron 

This song exudes dark and sexy vibes.  This smashing hit by Dove Cameron is absolutely perfect.  “I could be a better boyfriend than him”?  Yes please.  If you haven’t listened to this song, listen to it now.  You won’t regret it.    

3. Heather by Conan Gray

This song contains equal parts heartache and jealousy.  The artist is secretly harboring feelings for his guy friend.  But his friend?  He’s developed feelings for a girl.  Queer love can often hurt if you fall for a straight friend because you know, you know that they will never be interested in you.  So you’re left wishing you weren’t you.  And this song?  It encapsulates that message.   

2. Boy Bi by Mad Tsai

This song embodies the bi experience.  The uncertainty of what your sexualility is and constantly flipping between boys and girls?  That is exactly what being a newly awaked bi person is.  There is so much confusion surrounding you and you try to control the situation by labeling yourself.  But the label is constantly changing.

1. Ken & Barbie by Kate Gill and Barbie & Ken by Kate Gill

I am split between which one is my favorite of the two songs.  Both songs keep the same instrumentals and beat, but the lyrics themselves are slightly different.  Ken & Barbie focuses on the gay experience.  And Barbie & Ken focuses on the lesbian experience.  And both songs are flawless.  Every time I listen to either song, I always end up tearing up.   

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