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My Perfect Day


We all long for that perfect day, and seldom do we experience it.  Some of us never do.  I honestly cannot remember when I last had a “perfect day.”  I have lived a lot of great days, but I cannot recall my “perfect day.”  Some of us never get our perfect day as our expectations are higher than reality will allow, or we have never tried to make our day perfect.  I, myself, have never given a try at making my day perfect, and my expectations may be a little too novel.  So, I decided to put my “perfect day” into writing.  This way, at least I can experience it while doing something I love: writing. 

“Hhmmmm. My perfect day,” I think to myself as I hold my cup of coffee and feel the warmth soaking into my fingers.  I take a sip, savoring the taste of a mixture of dark roast with a little cream and sugar.  Ahhhhhh.  Perfect. The day begins cloudy and chilly.  A morning drizzle coats every surface in a dreamy glisten.  Fall is at its peak.  Vibrant colors hanging off trees create a beautiful contrast with the grey sky.  A book lays open on the bench butted up against the windowsill.  I sit on the bench and peer out the window.  A few leaves fall to the ground.  I finish my coffee and make myself presentable to the public. 

Wrapping a warm scarf around my neck, I walk out of my apartment and into the crisp fall air.  Today is my day off from editing my book.  I am a writer.  A successful, published writer.  But is there really a day a writer does not edit his or her work, either in her head or on paper?  I mull over a storyline in my head as I walk down the city sidewalk.  I make my way to the store and pick up the gift.  Once the gift is wrapped, I step back onto the street.  The sun has made its appearance, warming the air, and bringing smiles to people’s faces.  I leisurely walk in the city; there is no rush in this day. 

I stop by a coffee shop and order three special lattes.  Next, is the bakery.  Fresh, warm, sweet German pretzels are bagged and handed to me.  The scent fills the air with sweet cinnamon.  One lemon bar is ordered as well.  Holding the gift in one hand and the food and drink carrier in the other, I make my way back to the apartment.  A delicious smell greets me as I open the door to the apartment.  A smile appears as I see my sister and mother.  Good mornings, “did you sleep well”, and “how is your day” are exchanged.  I hand the pumpkin spice latte to my mom and one of the white chocolate mochas to my sister.  After eating a delicious meal, I present the gift to my mother: a book written and dedicated to her. 

Snow begins to fall.  Flakes stick to the frame of the window.  A golden glow illuminates the sky as the sun sets.  Settling down to watch some TV, we realize we have run out of sunflower seeds to snack on during the movie.  I step out into the cool air to head off to the store and buy some seeds.  I am rounding the corner when my feet slip.  A hand reaches out and catches me.  I look up to see him. 


I will have to end my perfect day in this perfect moment as I fear it may turn into a tale of its own.  Writing this, I have come to realize that most of my “perfect day” is not unreasonable.  You may find your perfect day may be parallel to your dream in life and may not be impossible to reach.  A perfect day may come in time with hard work and determination, but do not forget to enjoy the good and great days on your way.

Passionate about writing, photography, and travel and am currently studying architecture at Texas A&M University.
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