My 5 Favorite Things About the New Beauty and the Beast

The live-action Beauty and the Beast came out a few days ago and, as someone who waited in line at Disney to meet Belle, I was overly excited to see the movie. It was as amazing as all the hype had told me it would be. Here are my five favorite things from the movie!

Very different from the rest of us is, Belle.

Since Emma Watson is like a real-life Belle, it’s no surprise that she perfectly portrays the intelligent, curious, brave, and independent princess. As if Belle is not inspiring enough in the animated version, her role is slightly reinvented in the live-action movie to further make her a great role model to all. Proving that women have an innovative ability, she invents what I have dubbed the first royal washing machine. Belle also exudes girl power by teaching a little girl to read. This clever and intelligent princess went without a corset because honestly, how do you expect her to invent and learn while barely being able to breath?

Details, Details, Details

From the enchanted objects to the castle decorations, the details in this movie were absolutely amazing. The rooms in the castle, which were embellished with gold, diamonds, and artwork, were utterly divine. The intricate designs on both Cogsworth and Lumière were breathtaking. Mrs. Potts and Chip were simply lovely. If you would like to have a tea set that looks exactly like them, be prepared to hand over about half of your month’s rent. But if you would like to have a castle like Prince Adam’s (aka The Beast), work on your imagination skills!

Not all Songs are as old as Rhyme

The classic songs were sung perfectly by the cast in the movie— and by me in the audience. However, there were new songs that debuted in this classic movie and let me be the first to say they were amazing! In the opening scenes, Madame Garderobe, who later becomes the wardrobe, sings during the prince’s party. Although it is not much, Maurice does get his first singing role in the live-action movie. He sings “How Does A Moment Last Forever” and Belle, later on in the movie, finishes the song. The beast also has a special solo where he professes his love and infatuation for Belle as she rides away to save her father.

The Backstory is Finally Told

I always wondered what happened to Belle’s mom and the Beast’s parents. Thanks to this new movie, I now have my answers, and they're rather emotional answers. It is the beast who discovers and tells Belle what happened to her mother. It makes sense now why Maurice is so protective over Belle and why he moved to the small village. It also explains why Belle is ahead of her time - she's just like her mother. We get a glimpse into the complex and, until Belle came along, cold heart of the beast. I don't know about you, but I no longer blame the beast for being so cruel in the beginning of the movie. He's been through quite a lot. The backstories in the live-action movie filled in the gaps that the animated movie had left open and, although it was an emotional ride, I'm glad they included it in the moive.


Magic from the Enchantress, Disney, and… Harry Potter?

Pay close attention to this one because I just realized his significance as I was writing this. At the very beginning of the movie, the narrator says that the villagers’ memory was wiped clean of the castle, the prince, and all who worked there. Then, during Belle’s first song, she talks to Monsieur Jean who has lost something, but can’t remember what it is. This is where Harry Potter fans noticed the shout-out to one of their beloved characters, Neville Longbottom. Even if Monsieur Jean had a remembrall, he wouldn’t be able to remember his past because of the enchantress. It is worth noting that when Belle talks to him, he is selling teacups, teapots, and tea plates. Upon arriving to the castle, the villagers realize that the castle is familiar. Is your memory coming back to you, Monsieur Jean? And at the very end, who is Mrs. Pott’s husband? Disney, you have done it again.