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Hey readers! This is an idea I am developing for one of my books, and I thought I would post it here as a prologue! It is a light read in the blissful genres of romance and young adult. Enjoy💖

We met under the golden sky. The sun was setting, casting the vast evening in a warm glow. You looked at me with pain in your eyes. I couldn’t help but wonder why you were hurting. I could only offer you the smallest smile. You thanked me and turned to continue on your way. Without even thinking, I reached out and grabbed your hand. I could not bring myself to leave you alone. The sun was gone by the time we reached the café, the golden light from the streetlamps ushering us as we made our way through the lonely city. You bought me a cup of coffee even though I was the one who dragged you here. No words were exchanged as we sat by the seaside and listened to the waves. You closed your eyes. I smiled as I saw your body relax. My heart skipped as I saw the night breeze ruffle your hair. You then opened your blue eyes and gazed at me deeply. Why did my breath hitch at just your gaze? You stood and left without a word, and I let you go. You were content.

Months passed until you saw me. Our lives did not naturally intersect, but fate had it so that day. Tears were streaming down my face as you passed by. My profile was to you, and you recognized me. Stopping, you turned and came to stand beside me. We stood on the bridge silently as we watched the sun set, and my tears ran dry. When the sun had faded, you took my hand and led me to the café. You bought me a coffee, and we listened to the waves, my heart healing as we sat side by side. I did not even know your name or the sound of your voice, but you were healing me. You stayed until I stood, signaling I was ready. You walked me to the bus stop and waited until I had safely boarded before continuing on your way. I wondered if I would get to see you again as the bus drove past. Fate had already been generous in saving us both.

I could not believe my eyes. There you were! Standing before me with your friends with a smile on your face. A small smile crept onto my lips. You were happy. A sorority group blocked me as you walked past. What fate! I sighed but continued on, content that I had seen you. I looked at my watch. Oh no!! I was late for class! I picked up my pace, but a hand around my wrist stopped me. My heart skipped as I turned around and saw those blue eyes, your blue eyes. You greeted me with a smile, which I could not help but return sheepishly. You saw me! Without a word, you took me to a café on campus and bought me a cup of coffee. Your friends came in looking for you, waving you to hurry when they found you. You nodded at them before setting a piece of paper on the table and getting up. I stared at the paper with your number and a short note as you walked away and left with your friends.

Is it possible to fall in love in just three meetings? We fell in love beside the golden-crested sea. The waves were splashing our ankles as you held me, the cool breeze surrounding us. The sun set with me in your arms. You rested your chin on my shoulder with your eyes closed, just breathing me in. I leaned against you and looked at the night sky, recalling the hastily scribbled note on the piece of paper that brought us into each other’s lives permanently: meet me where the sky is painted gold.

Passionate about writing, photography, and travel and am currently studying architecture at Texas A&M University.
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