Meet Drew Kaser, Aggie Punter

Drew Kaser effortlessly captures the attention of many with his raw talent, determination and sweet, All-American boy charm. Standing a tall 6’ 3”, the 21-year-old Texas A&M Punter has numerous goals in his life that he is striving to make reality.


Texas A&M was never originally a part of the plan for Kaser, but the University and city of College Station quickly won over his heart on a three-day visit back in 2011.

“That whole weekend I was here, I just absolutely fell in love with the place. How friendly the people were, the environment of the Aggies, the Aggie network, the history, the coaches and players… it was all just perfect. I went home and immediately told my parents that A&M was the place for me,” Kaser said.

As the saying goes, “there’s a spirit can ne’er be told” here in Aggieland, and Kaser could not deny its call.

It’s no surprise that Kaser’s happy place is on the football field. His pre-game ritual? Listening to In Da Club by 50-cent, of course. Seriously though! Everyone gets hyped listening to that song, even if it’s Just a Lil Bit.

His most humiliating moment on the field is when he chewed-out a teammate for getting a penalty.

“I thought the cameras were dead, and I just let my emotions get the best of me. I was so embarrassed after I realized what I had done,” Kaser said.

Kaser, of course, later apologized and all was well in the Aggie atmosphere again.

Kaser is honored to be on the 2014 Ray Guy Award preseason watch list and believes that he is being named among some of the greatest college punters in America. Last year, he made it all the way to Orlando for the Ray Guy, so hopefully he goes all the way this year. The Ohio born-and-raised football player is also a hopeful Heisman. He (humorously) advocates for the #Kaser4Heisman campaign, letting people know that “punters are people, too.” He can be found satirically campaigning for #Kaser4Heisman on Toast with Toates (a good laugh, and a must see).

Although Kaser realizes that making the pros is a going to be tough, he still hopes to play in the NFL. His hometown team is the Cleveland Browns, but he’d be more than honored to play for any team. Athleticism runs in his family, and Kaser would love to continue to fulfill that aspect in his life.

“It’s a blessing to play here at Texas A&M, and to be able to take it to the next level would be even more amazing,” Kaser said.

In the end, no matter what happens with Kaser and his football career, he’s grateful for what he’s been given and what he’s been able to do.

“I wouldn’t be as successful as I am today if it weren’t for my family, the coaching staff and how much they believe in me. Every time I go on the field, I just try to perform to the best of my ability,” Kaser said.

Personal life:

No surprise here! The number-one asked question from the ladies around campus was “is he single?” Well, I hate to break it to y’all, but he’s way too much of a sweetheart to go around telling people of his personal romances.

            If that answer isn’t good enough for you, here’s a hint:

When Kaser started to describe his ideal date, I couldn’t help but laugh a little. He went from talking about this really manly way he gets hyped for a game to telling me how he likes to keep things nice and modest. His sense of humor is top-notch.

“I’m simple. You see I would rather cook as opposed to going out somewhere. I’d make my favorite dish, which is Salmon Oscar (salmon with crabmeat). Then I’d whip up some asparagus and red potatoes, open a bottle of wine, and like to have a more intimate time at home,” Kaser said. “That, going to a movie, or just staying in is more of what I’m into.”

At the end of it all, Kaser seems to really know what he wants in life. My favorite response from him was when I asked him to describe the moment he thinks he’d reach his most euphoric state.

“I think the moment I’ll be happiest would be when I find my soul mate. To propose and then see her walking down the aisle… I think that’ll be the happiest moment in my life,” Kaser said. *Swoon*

Ladies, he likes to dance in moderation. He goes two-stepping, line dancing (to Copperhead Road) and “boogies” with his teammates from time to time. What he’s into? Classic rock and slow country. What he’s not into? Going to clubs and grinding on a girl in a room full of packed sardines.

Kaser won “best-dressed” at last years SEC Media Days. Kaser definitely has a sense of style and class, claiming he dresses more on the “preppy side.” His favorite brands/places are Banana Republic, Polo, Harley’s, Vineyard Vines and Southern Tie. How GQ!

Going back to the fact that Kaser comes from a very athletic family, he says that if he weren’t playing football, he’d be playing soccer somewhere close to home. Growing up, he was never away from his family for more than three days at a time; little did he know he’d end up over 1,000 miles away from home.

His motivation:

Kaser finds every last opportunity given to him as a humbling reminder that he is blessed beyond measure. To remind him of his blessings, Kaser always has on a cluster of wristbands, each representing something near and dear to his heart. One represents his mothers’ fight with brain cancer; another represents the love for one of his best friends back home whose father died of a heart attack. There’s one for his grade-school football coach who died of cancer, one for “players curing kids cancer,” one for Charlie’s Angels (Houston child who suffered and survived cancer), one in his grandfathers memory, one for Carla’s Journey (Dallas woman fighting cancer). The last one has a motto that he and a friend made up that says “1 shot 1 kill.” It represents the one opportunity people have to show the world what they can do and that they are worthy.

“All these bands just represent who I play for. They all serve as a daily reminder that I’m blessed, and I want to go out on the field standing up for those I love and care for. These bands embody what I am most passionate about and what drives me,” Kaser said.