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Meet Campus Celebrity, Sam Delaney!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

Our Campus Celebrity of the week is Sam Delaney! Get to know him and you will see what hardwork, faith, and a hilarious personality can get you!

HC: Where are you from?

SD:  I was born in Dallas but we quickly moved to Orange, Texas. I grew up in Mauriceville, Texas, which is right outside of Orange. 

HC: What year are you?

SD: I’m class of 2014 and I graduate on December 19th.

HC: What’s your major?

SD: Sports Management with a Minor in Business Administration

HC: What are some goals you have for your future?

SD: I’m going into Youth Ministry so I would like to become a great minister. I would also like to become a well known Christian Speaker. Hopefully I’ll become good enough to be invited to speak at large youth rallies all around the country. 

HC: Tell us about the internships you’ve had or currently have through A&M.

SD: I worked for Learfield Sports in their Texas A&M Sports Properties Branch.  I was in charge of coordinating our promotions for all companies that advertise with Texas A&M Sports. I was also in charge of Aggie Fan Zone. This included coordination of every aspect of Fan Zone related to Client Relations. Every promotional distribution was also my responsibility.

HC: Who is someone you look up to?

SD: Jesus- greatest man to ever live. 

My Father- not the greatest man to ever live, but close. 

Luis Cedeño- my best freaking friend in the whole world. 

MLK Jr. – understood the importance of political activism and peaceful protest. 

Reveille 8- everyone should strive to be as pretty as Rev.

HC: What are some hobbies you have? 

SD: Fishing, Disc Golf, long boarding, and a lot of nerdy stuff I don’t want to publish so cute girls will still want to talk to me after reading this. 

HC: What’s a fun fact about you?

SD: 1. I’m not very hairy.

2. When I was in 3rd grade reading, I pulled out my tooth and bled all over my shirt. Mom was pretty mad at me for ruining my shirt. 

3. I had my first kiss when I was 5. Some girls stuck her face the opposite way through one of those face in the hole picture boards. I stuck my face in through the right way at the same time and we kissed “on accident”. I’ve been irresistible to the ladies for quite some time now. 

HC: Any celebrity crushes?

SD: Hayden Panettiere, Jennifer Anniston who is a Goddess in which time can’t control, and Bubbles from the Powder Puff Girls.

HC: Why did you choose Texas A&M?

SD: We visited the bonfire site after the collapse when I was 7. It moved me as a small child and I told my parents I wanted to attend A&M that day as we left. Ever since then, I’ve kept up with A&M, my parents bought me an A&M hat, and I pursued attending this university.