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“Mawwiage” the impressive clergyman once said as he presided over Prince Humperdinck and Buttercup’s wedding.

Is a “bwessed awangement”

“A dweam within a dweam” 


It is also a cultural ideal that is force-fed down girl’s throats.

Girls are encouraged to fantasize about the special day.

While boys can sneer at the idea,

It is unnatural for a girl to share the same sentiment.


a google search of “woman definition”

lists wife as the seventh synonym. 

a google search of “man definition”

does not bring forth the same results.



–the word for wife in spanish–

is also the word for shackles.

Marriage and imprisonment.


I don’t want to be someone’s wife

If it means I’m relegated to the house

Forced to take sole care of the children

While my husband can choose when to babysit.


I want the option

To choose marriage

If I want it

Or to grow old as a ‘spinster’ without judgment.



It is a symbolic and legal act, 

based upon love and mutual respect,

That ties two parties together.


It is not a light matter

That requires little thought.

And it should not be my sole aspiration as a woman.

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