A List of White Men I’d Die For

My roommate Madison and I have a mini white man shrine in our living room. On it includes a letter board with our "Man of the Month" (see this twitter thread for our 2019 picks), a magazine page of Timothee Chalamet taped to the wall, and a picture of Chloe the Therapy Dog, because everyone knows we need her.

For your enjoyment and mine, I’m going to be giving you a list of white men I’d die for. The ones I’d die for without any hesitation will be in all caps. This is completely biased.


    Mikey Margott is an angel. He’s the bass player in my favorite band and couldn’t hurt a soul. I’ve met him twice. He’s the reason The Neighbourhood gave me my first paycheck, and the reason I love this band so much. He is, without a doubt, my favorite white man.


    Jesse Rutherford, the lead singer of The Neighbourhood, is a character. He is the epitome of Leos everywhere. I’m actually seeing him live tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited. He’s very talented and treats his fans well. I’ve also met him twice. Hopefully, tomorrow makes a third.

  3. 3. ZACH ABELS

    Zach Abels is a kind, quiet, 5’8” king who plays guitar for The Neighbourhood. I’ve also met him twice, and he is just so soft spoken! He is also beautiful. Please look at him.


    Chase Lawrence is another beautiful angel. I’ve met him four times, and he actually remembers me. Not just a “haha yeah I remember you” kind of remember me, but when I asked him what COIN (the band he’s the lead singer of) shows I’ve been to, he listed every single show I’ve seen. He really does remember fans, and he loves them dearly.


    Unfortunately, I have not met Timothee Chalamet, aka the internet’s boyfriend. He’s a beautiful boy ;) and his interviews make me laugh.

  6. 6. Andrew Hozier Byrne

    Talented, tall, kind, and genuine. The four perfect words to describe Hozier.

  7. 7. Shawn Mendes

    Shawn Mendes is such a pure soul. He is also the only ~mainstream~ guy I have on here, which says a lot, since I’m not that up to date with popular pop culture, but I am up to date with Mr. Mendes.

  8. 8. Jack Harries

    Jack Harries has been one of my favorite white men for a while. I loved JacksGap, his YouTube channel when I was in my early teens, and now he’s a super woke, environmentalist filmmaker. How much cooler can he get?



I love white men. It’s my biggest flaw, but these white men aren’t too bad.