A Letter to Dunkin' Donuts

Dear Dunkin’ Donuts,

The dilemma for me is that I am currently writing this in a Starbucks. As a student at Texas A&M I find myself in the predicament that there is not a single Dunkin’ Donuts within an hour of College Station.

I find this an outrage as I find myself having to go to Starbucks for my coffee fix which is far more expensive, and in my opinion, their coffee does not compare to yours. I would find myself a daily customer of yours back in high school, and I would continue this if I were not so far from your franchise.

I get by with your K-cups, but they aren't the same as getting a fresh cup of coffee from one of your stores. If I want a fresh cup of coffee when I'm out and about, the only place I can turn to is Starbucks or McDonalds. Many of my friends have also voiced that they would appreciate a Dunkin’ Donuts in College Station, as it is far more affordable for a college student.

I highly encourage you to consider adding a store in College Station. I believe you are the best place to get a good cup of coffee and I am missing it thoroughly.



Emily Dooley