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Love K-Dramas and Korean movies?  Here are 5 Korean film recommendations for the spooky season!


1. Kingdom

Type: Drama

Available On: Netflix

Genre: Thriller, Horror, Zombie, Historical

Main Actor: Joo Ji Hoon Main Actress: Bae Doo Na

Season 1: 6 Episodes (50 min. run time)

Season 2: 6 Episodes (50 min. run time)

Season 3: TBA

Set in the historical period, the Crown Prince sets out to discover the mystery behind the disappearance and death rumors of his father, the King. During his search, the Crown Prince stumbles upon a small village. The village appears to be abandoned; however, the villagers come awake at night as zombies. The Prince struggles to unveil the cause of this terrifying disease, which is, in fact, tied to his father’s disappearance. Will he discover the truth? Can he stop the spread of this zombie-transforming disease?


2. Train to Busan

Type: Movie

Available On: Netflix, Viki

Genre: Action, Thriller, Horror, Zombie, Tragedy

Main Actor: Gong Yoo

Main Actress: Jung Yoo Mi

Run Time: 1 hr. 58 min.

A successful businessman in Seoul decides to take his daughter on a train to the coastal city of Busan to visit her mother. A mysterious disease begins spreading through the vast city of Seoul, infecting people and transforming them into zombies. Unaware of the spreading infection, the father and daughter board the train. As it starts leaving the station, a mysterious, frantic passenger rushes to the train and boards it. Will the train arrive in Busan? Will the father and daughter survive the journey? 


3. Bring It On, Ghost

Type: Drama

Available On: Netflix, Viki

Genre: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Romance, Comedy

Main Actor: Ok Taec Yeon

Main Actress: Kim So Hyun

Episodes: 16 (1 hr. run time)

A young college student, born with the ability to see ghosts and supernatural beings, has been an outcast and estranged his entire life. One day he meets a young female ghost who can’t remember how she died. While in a scuffle with the ghost, they accidentally kiss, and sparks fly. The boy and ghost team up to fight and dispel evil spirits while investigating the death of his mother and his new ghost friend. Will they find the truth? 


4. Blood

Type: Drama

Available On: Viki, Kokowa

Genre: Action, Vampire, Romance, Medical, Supernatural

Main Actor: Ahn Jae Hyun

Main Actress: Gu Hye Seon

Episodes: 20 (1 hr. 5 min. run time)

As a doctor in a prestigious hospital, Park Ji Sang has been hiding his vampire identity all his life. He finds himself falling for the new, hotshot doctor who happens to also be the hospital owner’s niece. The vampire doctor has been searching for his parents’ murderer and puts up an emotionless facade. Unexpectedly, the new doctor begins melting this cold exterior. How will the vampire respond to this warm love? Conflict also arises when the vampire becomes wary of an esteemed, experienced doctor working at the same hospital. Will the young vampire find the murder? And can he protect his precious love?


5. Hotel Del Luna

Type: Drama

Available On: Viki

Genre: Action, Mystery, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

Main Actor: Yeo Jin Goo

Main Actress: IU

Episodes: 16 (1 hr. 20 min. run time)

This drama centers around a strange hotel in the center of Seoul. Run and managed by a soul cursed from a sin committed a thousand years ago, Hotel Del Luna is a one-of-a-kind place to stay. To escape her curse, the tormented soul begins searching for someone to take her place as the hotel’s manager for eternity. She finally finds a young man whose father has made a deal with her. Because of this deal, the young man is forced to manage the haunted hotel. Embark on a ghost-filled journey as the young man adjusts to a strange, new world of the supernatural.




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