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It’s that time of year: Bridgerton Season 3 is near!

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Dear Reader,

It is OFFICIALLY one of the greatest times of year. The birds are chirping, the air is warm, and the sun is setting even later (finally). This turn of the season can only mean one thing: a new installment in the Bridgerton series.

It has definitely been a minute since we have last seen our favorite family of the “ton,” but do not fear – I (a self-proclaimed Bridgerton expert) am here to fill in the gaps and prepare you for what’s to come.

So settle into your favorite reading spot with a fresh cup of tea as I take you back through the love stories we have seen so far as well as the exciting, dramatic plot that is soon to unfold!

scene from Bridgerton on Netflix
Shondaland / Netflix

Season 1: The Duke and i

Arguably one of the greatest Christmas gifts of all time was when Queen Shonda Rhimes bequeathed us the first adaptation of the Bridgerton series: The Duke and I. The first season of the Netflix series focuses on the love story between Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings, and Daphne Bridgerton, fourth youngest of the eight Bridgerton children. After receiving the title of Diamond of the First Water from Queen Charlotte, Daphne is seen as the highest marriage prospect of the season.

Enter the Duke: a handsome yet stubborn individual who has sworn to never marry nor have children. When Daphne becomes overwhelmed with the ton’s eligibles suitors, Daphne and Simon team up to portray one of my favorite romance tropes of all time: the fake dating trope.

As Simon and Daphne spend much of their time together at tea breaks and promenades, the two start to realize the love that is growing between them. But Simon has sworn to never marry, making him try in every way to separate himself from her. When their passions grow too strong, Daphne and Simon are discovered in a SCANDALOUS SCENARIO that forces them to wed. However, after eight tumultuous episodes, the Simon and Daphne finally reveal their true feelings for one another and get their happily ever after.

Throughout the season, we also see character development throughout all of the supporting cast. Anthony Bridgerton deals with his capital “R-A-K-E” condemnation, and Benedict starts to channel his love for art. We meet the Featheringtons, one of the prominent families of the ton with heaps of baggage. Of the three Featherington daughters is Penelope, a clever wallflower who has a special place in her heart for the third Bridgerton brother: Colin. And Colin has eyes for the ton’s new arrival: Marina Thompson. Eloise Bridgerton unites with Queen Charlotte in an attempt to catch the all powerful Lady Whistledown.

Season 2: The viscount who loved me


In this season, the story of “The Viscount Who Loved Me” focuses on eldest Bridgerton brother, Viscount Anthony, and his love interest, Kate. Kate is a bold and intelligent young woman who arrives to the ton with her sister, Edwina. Since Kate is older and has already been given the title of “spinster” (isn’t that insane?? she’s literally like 26), her main focus this season is to find the perfect match for Edwina.

At the first ball of the season, Kate overhears Anthony make an awful, objectifying comment about the type of woman he sees fit to be his wife. Kate confronts him about this comment, which ultimately leads them to become sworn enemies.

When Edwina is deemed the diamond of the season by Queen Charlotte just a few days later, all the ton’s eligible bachelors flood to her doorstep. One of whom is Anthony Bridgerton, which is an awful surprise to Kate. After many promenades for Anthony and Edwina, the two sisters are invited to stay at the Bridgerton’s family home in the country. It is during this time that Kate realizes she may hold a stronger feeling for Anthony than hatred: love. As she and Anthony spend more time getting to know one another in the countryside (keyword: BEE!), Anthony too starts to feel similarly.

Feeling too much pressure, Anthony cracks and eventually proposes to Edwina. This not only startles Kate but also encourages her to continue in hiding her feelings for the viscount. As the wedding approaches, the two can no longer toss their love aside, causing a big upheaval in the matrimonial plans.

Meanwhile, Eloise continues on her hunt to unveil Lady Whistledown, but she meets an interesting paper boy that steals her heart in the process. Benedict gets in to art school and pursues his passion while Collin travels to Greece. The two oldest Featherington daughters get engaged, and Lady Featherington must deal with that previously mentioned “baggage” from last season.

Anthony and Kate are BY FAR one of the best power couples to come out of the series, and I am sure they will continue to stick around as the rest of the Bridgerton siblings discover their own love stories.

Queen Charlotte: a bridgerton story

This prequel series focuses on a young Queen Charlotte and her love story with King George. Although she first loathed the idea of an arranged marriage, watch as her and George fall hard for one another the more they get to know each other.

Their love story is accompanied by time jumps to present-day Bridgerton. The Queen is worried that she won’t have an heir to her thrown, and viewers get to see the ever-blossoming friendship between Violet Bridgerton and Lady Danbury.

Although this spin-off isn’t necessarily in line with the rest of the Bridgerton story, I believe it is still such an important watch particularly because of its main theme: love knows no age.

penelope bridgerton?width=1024&height=1024&fit=cover&auto=webp

Season 3: romancing mister bridgerton

Alright, everyone. It is OFFICIALLY the time you have been waiting for! Bridgerton Season 3 is almost here!!! Yay Conelope! Pollin? Yeah, I think it’s Pollin.

I swear to not give away ANY SPOILERS in this article. However, I will give some important key words of things to look out for: mirrors, carriages, and rain.

Penelope and Collin’s love story is such a great slow burn, friends-to-lovers tale. It rips you apart while also filling your heart in all the best ways. And I’m sure Shonda is going to throw in some additional plot twists that will leave us readers with our jaws on the floor!!

You can watch Season 3 of Bridgerton on Netflix! Part 1 will be released May 16 and Part 2 a month later on June 13.

I hope you all love and adore Bridgerton as much as I do! Happy binging!

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