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The Ins and Outs of Living with your Partner During College

Moving in with a partner is a big deal! I love living with my partner, and not many people do it in college. So for this article, I tracked down some people that have had the experience of living with an S.O. first hand. I asked them about the ins and outs of living with their partner, and whether or not they would recommend it for other people.

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One of the things many people seemed to comment on is about how much more they learned about their partner once they became roomies.

One participant stated that "We learned so much about each other...we dated for year before living together and I thought we had known most thing about each other - but, I was wrong. You learn every little habit and how they cope with stressors in day to day life."

Another person said "he never stopped playing video games" and that she felt "more ignored than ever."


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One of the questions I was most excited to hear the responses for was about academic performance.  Surprisingly, many people said that having a partner that cared about their success actually positively affected their grades and made them more responsible students.

One person said that his S.O. "helped [him] out a lot even though [their] classes were very different." Another said that "even when you're working on your own stuff, it's nice to have company."

In constrast, someone else responded said that "it's difficult to be motivated to do schoolwork" when your partner is having fun.


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When I asked the participants what the best aspect of living with a partner is, most people seemed to share similar answers. Responses were mostly along the lines of being able to "hang out with your best friend all the time" and "coming back home to someone" at the end of the day. 

When I asked about the worst part of sharing a home with your lover, many of the responses referenced having to divide up the chores and actually sticking to it. Others touched on money matters. However, an overwhelmingly popular response was about arguments. One person explained that when there is an argument "it is hard to avoid someone you live with". Another commented: "Heavy exposure increases not only the good, but the bad as well".


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Lastly, I asked if there was anything else people felt was worth mentioning. A couple key points I received was the reduction in rent and how much "compromise and communication" it takes to make a relationship work when living together. 

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Taking a look at results, it seems that most people consider living with their partner in college a positive experience. A few said that when they moved in with their partner, they got to see their partner in a new light, and didn't like that they saw. Perhaps though, this saved them from wasting more time on a relationship that was destined to fail. 

Regardless of one's own conclusions about making an S.O. a roomie, I think it's safe to say that every couple is different. Some may be ready, but other may need more time before taking that next step. And of course, every experience varies. 




Taylor is a geology and climate student at Texas A&M University, with a passion for reading and writing. She is a lover of animals, Seattle, art, all things vintage, and ketchup. When she isn't studying, playing basketball, gaming, or painting, she can be found eating chicken fries while watching a thriller or mystery film.
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