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I Tried Blueland’s Waste Free Cleaning Products, and Here’s Why You Should Too

Switching to waste-free and less toxic products in your home has never been easier.

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at first about switching my cleaning products to more environmentally friendly products. Not because I'm afraid they won't work, but the shelf price of so many organic and planet saving products, whether it be cleaning products, food products, or even organically grown clothing products, the glaring, high price of saving the planet has never looked very pleasant.

I've had multiple conversations with my friends in the past about how much we wish eco-friendly products were more affordable and accessible. How are we supposed to save the planet if we can't afford it? Well, I think I've found a pretty good solution. One of these friends stumbled upon the company called Blueland. This company is, by far, the most affordable that I've come across and offers a variety of cleaning products to slowly replace your old home cleaner with. 

Blueland started as a pitch on Shark Tank and were quickly scooped under the fins of one of the sharks, Kevin.

The trick is to start slow.

When trying any new product it is safest to do it slowly in case you decide the product isn't for you, and so you don't end up with an abundance of left over product and even more wasted money. Blueland makes it really easy with their The Clean Essentials kit that ships the basics straight to your door. For just $39 you get four refillable bottles and four tabs of cleaning mix; bathroom cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, glass cleaner, and even foaming hand soap. The best part is: it comes with no plastic, compostable packaging, and a cardboard shipping box that can easily be reused or recycled. Absolutely waste free!



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The products were so easy to use!

With simple instructions I was able to use my products within the hour. Each product came with a dissolvable tab of cleaning solution that you dropped into indicated amounts of water. A few minutes for the tabs to dissolve and you're one step cleaner to a clean home without using toxic chemicals. The really cool thing about Blueland is that they aren't just waste free, they're toxin free too to help keep harmful chemicals out of your home and out of the planet's atmosphere.

I used every product the same day I received the package and I was in love. My apartment not only felt clean and refreshing, but it smelt like it, too. I would highly recommend starting out with same kit, but if you aren't able to spend as much money and are still feeling skeptical they sell every item separately, as well! And, when you run out of cleaning supplies, you simply order new tabs at an insanely low price to refill your bottles with (the hand soap even comes in four different scents!). 



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Along with the house cleaners, Blueland sells waste free laundry detergent, dish soap, and dish washer detergent. I definitely know what I'll be buying next!


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